:Chapter 3:

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"Why in the world did you lead some human girl back here. . . in wolf form no less?" My mother asked---- correction demanded. Her tone held no games. And those emerald green eyes that contrasted with my black eyes demanded answers and respect.

'I think the best thing to do when mom really wants answers like this is to tell the truth.' 'Yeah, and she'd know if we weren't anyway. It's impossible to lie to mom, as well as a werewolf.' Venom nodded at that as I watched my mom and then Lore in the kitchen.

"Mom. . . she's my mate." I said in a very low voice as her scent came in. She smelled so good. Like coconuts and mistletoe berries. It was a scent that teased my nose in ways that is shouldn't. Messing around with my control as well as Venom's.

"Really?" My mom asked shocked. "Yeah, I was just going for a run in the woods and hunting rabbits. And I saw her. And I just couldn't leave her there. Least I didn't mark her." I said and my mom nodded at that. Relief that I hadn't done it.

'Yeah that would be quite the thing to explain to her. She seems so innocent and naïve.' And completely unaware of the supernatural world. Seems the moon goddess wanted to be funny and give me a human mate. And Venom accepted. 'You'll understand one day on why I did.'

I was surprised I hadn't noticed her scent sooner. Maybe because of all the woods that concealed her scent. In my own house it was so vibrant. I just wanted to inhale it and get high off of her. She just smelled so good and I could barely contain myself, I wanted her so badly.

'But there is a bit of a problem with getting her. She doesn't know about the supernatural world.' That was a problem. Lore knew nothing of the supernatural world. Not one bit, I mean she thought my wolf was my mother's dog. Now to find out how to introduce it to her.

But I had no idea on how to even attempt to that. So it seems I just would be going with the flow at this point. Just making up things as I go along and hope that it all falls into place. Eventually I'd be able to tell Lore.

But you know getting to know her would be a nice thing as well. Rushing into a relationship wasn't the best thing so I had to get to know her. And hopefully she'll feel the mate bond as well. "I'm sorry mom." I said a bit embarrassed at bring a girl home.

'It shouldn't be that bad, I mean Lore did seem a bit upset. And now the smell of that is diminishing.' "It's fine Isaac, but you have to bring her home." My mom said and I nodded before walking in and Lore looked up at me and I smiled just a bit. Now to cover myself up.

"I'm sorry that my dog led you back. He's quite the character." I said. "Oh it's fine, he was cute, do you two really have the same name?" Lore asked. "No, his name is Venom." I said. 'Nice save there.' I nodded at that.

"Interesting name." Lore said. I nodded. "Is he still here?" Lore asked. "No he's probably out in the forest again." I said. "Isn't that dangerous?" Lore asked. "Venom is a timber wolf. He likes the forest, plus it's fenced in for him." I said and Lore nodded at that.

'Your doing very well with these saves.' 'I know, they just keep coming to my mind. Which I am thankful for.' I nodded at that. "Oh, did he get out today then?" Lore asked. "No, you probably wondered onto our property. Not everywhere is fenced in, but we don't worry about him running away." I said.

"Oh I'm sorry, I was just following the trail and I got lost." Lore said with a bit of a blush. She brushed the white strands of her. "Oh it's fine. Your new here aren't you?" I asked and Lore nodded at that and I smiled at her.

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