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YN and Leah have been friends for about 9 months, but not once has YN been to Leah's house. However, Leah was throwing a party and thought it was the perfect time to invite her round. Leah was talking to Nick when there was a ring of the doorbell. Leah then opened the door and greeted YN with a hug.
"Hey girl! Finally your at my house! Only 9 months too late." Leah said with a giggle. YN just smiled as she looked around the house. There was a picture of the family that sat on the cupboard.

"Are they your brothers?" YN pointing to Nick and Judd

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"Are they your brothers?" YN pointing to Nick and Judd. "Yeah, fair warning, Nicks a horny 13 year old and Judds a depressed emo sooo..." she said trailing off and face palming. "Okay then thanks for the info..." Said YN also laughing.
"Is there anything you need help with? For the party?" YN asked as they walked into the kitchen. "You could help with the drinks?" Said Leah. YN nodded and got out a bowl as Leah got a bag of ice.
When YN got back she heard Leah and Nick talking,
"Okay so food wise did we get a cookie cake? What's our Dorito sitch?"
Asked Nick.
"It's not that kind of party, it's a high school party so try and be cool."
YN then walked in with the bowl. "Finally! Here's the ice." Said Leah as she poured the ice into the bowl.
"Woah whose this!?" Said Nick as he stared at YN his mouth agape.
"This is YN and don't be a perv Nick!" Leah said yet again, face palming.
They bickered for a while until another person entered the kitchen.
"All right. I got gay ass wine for you and your gay ass theatre friends." Said Judd, "I hope your party sucks." But just before he walked out, he pointed at YN and said, "Whose the hottie?" He said whilst winking. "This is YN, YN this is Judd." Introduced Leah. "You'll likely see his manifesto on the news someday." She said as her and YN both giggled. "What's a delicate angel like you doing at a party?" Judd said with a shit eating grin. "Trust me, I'm not as delicate as you think..." YN Said, hands on hip. "Okay. Prove it!" Said Judd tossing his bottle of Jack Daniels at YN. She caught it and raised an eyebrow at him. Everyone stared at her, waiting to see what would happen next. YN then flicked off the cap with her index finger and thumb. She then downed the whole bottle and licked her lips with a huge smirk on her face. She passed the bottle back to judd who had an almost proud and impressed look on his face. Nick and Leah's eyes popped out their head as Judd slowly clapped.
"Fair play sweetheart, fair play."
And with that he walked upstairs whilst looking YN up and down.
"Holy shit YN!" Said Nick. "How the fuck did you do that?!"
"I like Jack." Said YN as she shrugged her shoulders, going into the living room to set up the music.

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