Chapter 71

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Izzy's P.O.V

I woke up wrapped tightly in Cameron's arms. I smile and tug his arms off my waist. Nash is curled up in the other bed alone. I walk over and kiss his head softly and start to walk to the bathroom. I'm stopped when he grabs my waist and spins me around. His soft lips land on mine and I grin.

"Hi beautiful." He whispers. I smile and peck his lips once more. "Hi handsome." I whisper back. We're both smiling at each other like idiots. I hear Cam move around in the other bed and I signal for Nash to let go of me. I know he's struggling and I don't want to be all cute with my boyfriend while he's missing his girlfriend.

"You don't have to be all awkward. Just cause I'm missing mine doesn't mean you don't get yours." Cam say from his bed. I look at Nash sadly before slowly walking back to Cameron.

"That's mean Cameron. Nash and I have plenty of other times to be all mushy gushy lovey dovey. We're here right now for you Boo." I say running my hand in his hair." He smiles and pulls me down next to him. For a second I thought he needed a hug but this was all part of his plan. When his hands land on my sides I start to get up as quick as I can. He's faster than me though and grabs my waist and tickles me. I scream and squirm around.

"Cameron stop!" I yell trying to push him away. He laughs with Nash at my flailing. "Nash! You too!" I yell watching him just laugh at me. To my advantage I got my knee on Cam's stomach. I use it to pick him up and flip him over so I'm on top. I pin his arms down and sit on his stomach to catch my breath.

"Dude, your little sister totally just pinned you down." Nash says laughing. I scowl at him and blow the hair out of my face.

"I have a fabulous idea if you release me." Cam says grinning. I slowly let go of his arms. He sits up and doesn't tickle me so I climb off his lap. "Lets have a bro and sis day!" He says. He's smiling! Check one.

"Yah sure! But what about," Nash cuts me off knowing what I'm about to say. "Nah, go! I have to talk to someone anyways." He says. I climb over to his bed again and lay on his chest. He wraps his arms around my stomach. Cam gets up and goes to the bathroom to change and I snuggle farther into Nash's arms.

"Did you know I love you?" Nash whispers into my neck. I smile and melt backwards.

"I did. I love you too." I say back. He kisses my neck but I stop him and turn around. I press my lips to his and catch him off guard. We get stopped by a loud cough. I pull away and look over my shoulder and see Cam.

"No sucking faces with my little sister in my room, or ever." He says staring at Nash. I roll my eyes and stand up. When I walk by with clothes I kiss his cheek. "Ew that's like Nash just kissed me!" He yells. I laugh and walk into the bathroom. I do all my bathroom business before changing my clothes. I get dressed into white skinny jeans, a green lacrosse tank top, and my green and white Jordan's. I do a regular French braid and just put on water proof mascara.

Cameron's P.O.V

When Izzy walks into the bathroom I sit across from Nash. I look at him seriously and he gets the clue. He sits up on the edge of the bed and looks at me.

"Do you love my sister?" I ask. He looks shocked by my question but quickly recovers.

"Absolutely." He answers. I smile and nod. If anyone I trust Nash to date Izzy but still.

"I don't want to be that overprotective brother but you guys had a rough patch and I don't want to see Izzy hurting, ever. Just promise you'll take care of her for me?" I ask him. He nods his head and puts his hand out. I grab it and pull him into a bro hug. Pretty manly, I know. I hear the bathroom door opens and Izzy walks out.

"Finally! Oh, you look really pretty." I compliment her. Shes the kind of person that can rock a loose tank top and Jordan's and look stunning. Kinda like Brianna. I feel my eyes tear up just thinking about how I lost that. Izzy runs over and pulls me into a hug.

"It's okay. We're gonna handle this." She whispers. I nod and pull away combing my fingers through my hair. She walks to Nash and leans down to kiss him. My baby sister is actually growing up.

"Alright lets rock and roll." I say standing up and grabbing my phone and keys. She grabs my hand and runs out with me. I'm excited to spend a day with my sister. Haven't done that since before the accident.


"Izzy pass the ball!" Dad yells from the other side of the court. I run to intercept it. I hit it but don't catch it and rolls off. Izzy volunteers to get and runs down to the street. I see the blinding white lights from up here and apparently dad did to. He yells for her and starts to run down. I follow him scared as a 12 year old boy could probably be.

Before I could do anything Dad was running into the street shoving Izzy to the side. He got her out fast enough but got hit by the tractor trailer. That was the loudest I've ever heard Izzy scream. The driver didn't even get out, he kept driving. I ran down to my bleeding dad and crouched next to him. Not the manliest thing to do, but I was bawling my eyes out. I pulled out my phone and called 911.

"Cameron, be there okay? I love you. You too bug." He whispers before closing his eyes. Izzy clutches to his body and I sit there crying and holding the phone.

When the paramedics get there Izzy won't let go of dad. I pull her off and hold her facing away from the truck. She screams and pounds on my chest but I don't let go until I know the trucks are gone. Not long after Mom pulls up next to us crying. She opens the door of the car and I carry Izzy in. She didn't stop crying.

"This is my fault. It's all my fault." Izzy cried over and over. My eight year old sister is blaming herself for dad getting hit by a truck. I don't know what to do but hold her tightly. What else is there to do?

End of flashback

I realize I haven't started the car and am just gripping tightly onto the steering wheel. Dad slipped into a coma for a year and a half. When he woke up he didn't remember the last ten and a half years. Izzy was deviated because that means he wouldn't have remembered her being born. Mom and Dad haven't been the same since. Always yelling and fighting.

"Cameron are you alright?" Izzy asks worriedly. I face her and nod slowly. "What were you thinking about?" She asks.

"The accident." I say before starting the car. her face falls and she curls up in the seat. I grab her hand and hold it tight.

"Be there."

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