Holding Hands

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Hi I am going to do the 30 Day OTP Challenge! It will be BirdFlash (Robin & Kidflash) don’t like don’t read. I don’t own the characters (sadly).

                                                                             Holding Hands


    (At the Allen house)

“Wally why did you run all the way to Gotham grab my hand and run back here?” Richard asked his boyfriend. “Because I got this new game and I didn’t want to play it by myself” Wally said. Richard looked at him like he was crazy.

“You couldn’t have called first?” “Nope! Are you gonna play or just sit there?” Wally asked waving the controller in Dick’s face

. “I’ll play… Wally how are we gonna play if you won’t let go of my hand? Not that im complaining” Richard asked holding there intertwined hands up. “Oh didn’t think about that… oh well the game can wait. Let’s go get some pizza.” Wally said lift Richard up with him.

“You are such an idiot.” “Im your idiot. Now pizza!” “Whatever kid dork.” Richard said as he and Wally headed out the door.

“Hey Mrs. Allen.” “Hello Richard” Iris said as they walked out the door. /Ring Ring Ring/ “Hello. Oh Bruce yes Richard is here. He and Wally just left. Ok bye.” ”Wally really needs to learn to call first.” Iris thought to herself.

Sorry it’s so short but I like it. The next on will be longer. 

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