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THE GROUP OF FOUR WALKED THROUGH A ROOM FILLED WITH WICKED EMPLOYEES. "Keep moving." ordered Thomas as he lightly pushed Teresa forwards. They were in a hurry, meaning they had no time to spare at all. Every second counted now. They made their way to an elevator. Thomas pressed the button the right side of it so it would arrive.

They were anxious as they waited for the elevator. "Come on. Come on." mumbled Thomas with a distressed voice as he hurriedly pressed the button again. Thea looked around worriedly, hoping they wouldn't be so suspicious but with Thomas pressing the button like that, there was a high chance they would be quite suspicious.

Luckily the elevator arrived shortly after. The group entered it with Thea being in the middle of Thomas and Newt and Teresa standing in front of her. The doors started to close as relief washed over Thea's body until a hand interrupted the closing doors. They opened again to reveal Janson standing there.

"Hold it." he ordered as he walked into the elevator standing besides Teresa as he pushed the button. Thea's grip on her gun tightened as the elevator began to move. She glanced to her side to see Thomas' grip also tightened.

"You're working late? That's what I like about you, Teresa. No matter how bleak things get you just, well you never give up. Time's like this, you need a friend who you can count on." If he only knew the bittersweet truth.

"I'll have that in mind."

"There is one thing you should know. One friend to another. Thomas is here. The surveilance picked him up outside the walls, Ava didn't want you to know but there is a chance that he may try to contact you and if he does... well, I'd like to think that I would be your first call."

"Are you gonna kill him?"

"Would that be a problem?" At this point Janson' was trying to get a reaction from Teresa. Teresa did not give into his mocking questions as she stared straight ahead.

"This is me." stated Teresa and started to walk out of the elevator after it arrived on the floor on which the medical wing was on. Newt left after her and after him left Thea trying not to look suspicious. Thomas did not plan the same thing as he bumped Janson's shoulder as he walked out. That was utterly stupid and suspicious.

"Thomas, you have to listen to me. Getting that serum won't save Newt. It might buy him some time but-"

"Just ignore her, she's trying to get inside your head." Her statement certainly stuck in Thea's mind. She was questioning what Teresa meant with what she had said. Is there a way to cure Newt and how?

"Thomas, just listen. You know what's going on out there. People are dying, the world is dying. There is something about your blood that I don't understand."

"Open it." ordered Thomas as they stood in front of a pair of glass doors with the WICKED logo on them. Teresa stepped forwards and pressed her thumb on the lock making the doors open.

"Let me run some test. I promise I can protect you." Teresa's statement made Thomas snap. He pulled of his mask and thrw it down onto the floor. "Oh yeah? Like you protected Minho?"

"What are you doing?" demanded Newt as he grabbed Thomas' arm. "How many people is it going to take? How many people will they round up, torture, kill? Huh? When the hell does it stop?"

"It stops when we find a cure."

"There is no goddamn cure."

"Don't waste your breaths, Teresa." spoke Janson as he walked towards the group with his gun raised at them. "He made his choice long ago."

"Stop the kid!" boomed a guard from way down the hallway as they ran towards them. Their only way of escape would be the door behind them. Thomas grabbed Teresa as he held her in a locked position so she wouldn't escape. Thea almost dropped her gun in shock as she saw what he was doing.

"Back up. Tell 'em back off. Tell 'em back off!" his voice got louder as he spoke in a more aggressive tone with each word which left his mouth.

"Hey, Thomas. Come on. It's me. I know you since as long as you can remember. You aren't gonna shoot her."

"You don't think so?"

"Okay. Go on then. Shoot her." Janson challenged Thomas. The man definitely knew what he was doing and what he was saying. Thea knew Thomas wouldn't shoot Teresa, no matter what. The emotions which were in his eyes as he looked at her weren't the ones of pure hatred, they were the ones of appreciation and maybe even a bit of love.

"Shoot her."

Teresa pushed Thomas back who crashed into Newt and Thea resulting in the three of them falling behind the door. Teresa pulled the emergency lever making the doors in front of them close. They shot against the doors as Janson ran towards it. He pressed his body against it with a look of hatred on his face. Thea pulled off her mask and breathed heavily as she saw the look on Teresa's face, it was sadness.

Thea gave her a grateful nod as she looked at her with sadness. Then they moved on. Newt also pulled his mask off before they left as it was quite icky in it. They walked through the medical wing as the alarm blared through the WICKED facility. The doctors around them whispered and pointed at them with confused expressions on their faces.

The three of them hid in a room as WICKED guards moved past them on the lookout for them. It was a game of cat and mouse. Thea could feel how she started to get sweaty again as her eyes scanned the room. It made her even more nervous. Adrenaline pumped through her veins as she took a deep breath to calm herself.

Thomas, Newt and Thea walked through the halls until Thomas suddenly stopped. On the other side of the hallway stood Ava Paige, her face had a pure look of confusion as she looked at the three. Thomas raised his gun at her, ready to shoot her. His face held slight anger but also bewilderment.

Thea was concentrated on the fact that Ava Paige stood there, that's why she didn't realise that Janson spotted them standing there. She and Thomas got pushed away by Newt who saved them from getting shot. The three of them ducked away as they ran trying to avoid getting shot.

"Minho!" boomed Thomas as they sprinted through the hallways pointing their guns at people who got in their way. Along their way they met some guards, resulting in them changing their direction. Thea shot at guards who moved down the hallway, luckily hitting most of them with the first shot.

They slid around the side and sat against the wall, panting heavily. "Shit. I'm almost out." stated Thomas as he reloaded his gun. He kneeled down and shot around the edge, hitting a fewer guards.

"Get back!" hollered Newt as he grabbed some kind of grenade and threw it down the hallway in which the guards were. It exploded after a few seconds electrocuting each one of them. "Nice." mumbled the boy as he saw what had just happened.

Just as they rounded another corner, a guard stood there with a gun pointed at them. "Freeze! Get down on the ground now!" he ordered trying to sound intimidating in a way. Sadly Thea did not have her gun with her anymore, something which definitely was not fitting in their situation. "I said get-"

The guard was interrupted by Minho slamming him against a wall in a violent way. Minho looked more like an overly aggressive boxer than the boy she had gotten to know in the scorch. Thomas and Newt's faces lit up like a christmas tree as they saw their friend standing there. "Minho!" they both cried out with happiness in their voice.

The two of them raced forward and hugged their friend while Thea stood there awkwardly not wanting to disturb the reunion. Minho look at Thomas and then at Newt until his gaze landed on Thea. He smiled at her lightly grateful for the fact that she also came to save him. It was basically an invite for her to join them in their little reunion.


Minho is back, finally!! We're getting closer to the end, are you excited? Because I actually am tbh, I seriously can't wait!!

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