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As girls were scattered in large crowds near the wall, Annabelle waited in the back to get the chance to see if she had made the team.

"Belle!" Cindy shouted from in the crowd. It seemed like she was getting mauled by those other girls. She was quite short, standing at 5'1", but that never stopped her from trying to get through the complications.

As the bell rang, the other girls cleared from the bulletin board and went to class.

Cindy got up off her butt and ran over to it, along with Annabelle.

"We made it!" They both smiled and hugged each other.

"Isn't this just amazing? We can go to practice together and cheer at the games, and we can even do fundraisers too!" Cindy said, excitedly.

"I know!" Annabelle laughed.

"Get to class, girls." A teacher walked passed them in the empty hallway.

They nodded and walked to their class, but of course got whistled at by the greasers.

"Get a life, boys." Cindy stated, while Annabelle giggled at her.

"Watching pretty girls walk by is what we were born to do," A guy with a New York accent said, smirking at Cindy. "The names Tony, doll." he held his out.

"Cindy." She put her hand in his.

"What a beautiful name." He kissed her hand while on one knee.

Cindy and Annabelle watched in amusement. "Oh please, I'm sure you've met plenty other Cindy's."

The greasers chuckled, while the girls stood there, smiling.

"Yes, but... this one just speaks to me better than the others." He said, looking in deep thought.

The greasers laughed more and James smacked him in the back of the head, playfully. "Dumbass." he muttered.

"No, you're the dumbass." Tony said back.

Annabelle laughed.

James punched him in the stomach, laughing.

By now, they were punching each other, just like brothers.

Suddenly, Annabelle felt herself being jerked back. "I thought I told to stay away from these dummies?"

It was Frank.

"We were just talking—" her voice got cut off.

"No, you weren't just talking. You don't think I saw you laughing with these phonies? You're coming with me." He started pulling her by her wrist, roughly.

"You're hurting me!" Annabelle exclaimed, trying to pick his hand off her wrist.

"Let go of her, asshole!!!" James shouted at him.

"I can do whatever the hell I want, Dean!" Frank shouted back, walking down the hallway while holding onto Annabelle.

She tried doing whatever she could to stop him, but he was too strong.

James walked up to him quickly, one hand clutching onto his shirt collar and the other giving Frank a powerful punch to the jaw. "I told you to let her go!" He repeatedly punched him over and over again with the same fist.

"Jimmy! Jimmy, stop!" Annabelle shouted, trying to get him off of Frank. Frank's body was going limp. "You're going to kill him!"

Two greasers ran over and pulled James away, preventing him from going any farther.

He was breathing heavily. "You deserved that, dickhead!"

Frank starting moving a bit.

"What is with all this shouting and swearing?!" A teacher came out of the classroom.

"Oh!" He noticed Frank on the ground, bloody. "Goodness gracious! What happened to you?!" He knelt down to him.

Frank groaned in pain, clenching his eyes shut. "You bitches!"

"Excuse me?" The teacher furrowed his eyebrows.

"Not you, them!" He lifted his arm, weakly, gesturing to Annabelle and James, who stood together near the lockers.

"Okay... what the heck happened?"

"Frank grabbed Annabelle and James only defended her!" Cindy spoke up.

"Is this true?"

The others nodded.

"Go to the nurses office and later, I'll decide if I want to call your parents."

As the others went to class and the teacher helped Frank, Annabelle and James walked down the hallway.

Annabelle sniffled and wiped her tears.

"Hey, cheer up, cherry. It'll be okay." James put his good arm around her shoulders and pulled her into his side.

"It's just... he's never acted like that before. He's changed."

"We all change, whether it's in a good or bad way."


Stepping into the nurses office, the kids didn't see the nurse anywhere, so they took a seat in front of her desk, waiting for her return.

"How's your wrist?" James asked.

"Bruised and cut. How's yours?"

"Bruised and cut... and possibly broken," he said. "Let me see yours?"

Annabelle was surprised at how gentle he was with his good hand.

He liked having her hand in his, while examining it. "Well, for one... you have pretty small hands," James joked.

"Oh, shut up!" Annabelle threw her head back and laughed, playfully, and lightly patted his upper arm.

He smirked, watching her laugh. "You know, you have a very pretty laugh."

She looked down, trying to hide her red cheeks. "Thank you."

James would never un-notice something as cute as that. "You're cute when you blush."

Her cheeks got even darker than before. She covered her cheek with both hands and turned her head away from him.

"How may I help you guys?" The nurse walked before James got the chance to compliment her again.

It would take forever for him to finish complimenting her beauty and kindness.


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