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We arrived at my old house and my dad was stood outside. I walked up to him and gave him a hug.

Isla-"Hi dad."

"Hi angel. Here's the key, I'm sorry I have to go now. I have work."

Isla-"Oh ok then. I'll see you soon."

We hugged again and he left. I walked to the door and the girls followed. I unlocked it and walked inside. It looked the same as it did when I was younger. The walls were still white, three bedrooms all different. Colour still filled the rooms, every single one.

Isla-"This place hasn't changed one bit." I said more to myself.

Ella-"Well, what do you expect? No ones lived here for ages."She said dragging out the word 'ages'.


My dad moved out then my grandma. I'm still in school, university, so I didn't really move out. We walked into the living room and sat down on the couch and chair. I tried turning the TV on but it didn't work, the remote probably had no batteries, so I just left it.


Isla-"Oh yeah. There's a bedroom with a double bed, one with a single then the other one had two singles. So Soph and Ava in that one and Ella with the double bed."

Soph-"have to share a room with that?" She said and pointed to Ava.

Ava-"You're the worst." Ava retaliated.

Soph-"No you are!"

Ava-"No you!"

Ella-"Shut up!" She joked.

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