Octavia looks a little bit scared but doesn't let it show for too long. She shakes her head and rips her arm out of my grip. 
''I can't do that.''

Then she walks away, leaving me alone with the guard again. I give him one last threatening look before I walk into the room. He's sitting on the bench that standing in the room and he looks really sad. Whatever Octavia said to him, it really got in his head. 

He immediately looks up from the ground and he looks relieved. He practically runs towards me and embraces me. I try to smile to stop the tears but it doesn't really work. This may be the last time I get to talk to him, to hold him. Cause maybe there is a change that I will fail tomorrow and that he will die anyway. But I won't fail. I won't let myself. 

''Are you okay? No wait, sorry, that was a stupid question. Of course you're not okay.'' 
Bellamy chuckles and looks at me. His forehead is touching mine and he slowly kisses me. If he dies then I can never do this again. I can never kiss him again. I could never kiss anyone without thinking of Bellamy.

''I'm okay now that you're here,'' he whispers against my lips. 
I start to sob and Bellamy puts his arms around me tighter. I don't want him to die. If he dies then a big part of me dies with him. I can't imagine my life without him. 

''What did Octavia say to you when she was in here?'' I ask softly. 
''She told me to kill Indra and Gaia. To fight for my life.''

''And you said no.'' 
It's not even a question. He has knows Indra and Gaia for a very long time now, they are his friends he would never hurt them, let along kill them. But if he wants to life then he has to. 

Bellamy nods and turns around so that he isn't facing me. I feel like he knows how I think about it. Even though I don't want Indra and Gaia dead, it's better than Bellamy dead. I'm cursing myself for even thinking that but it is true. 

''You don't have to fight. I'll fight for you.''
Bellamy turns around with a frown. He should be used to this by now. He knows that I would do anything to keep him safe, including giving my own life for him. 

''You can't take my place,'' he says while he shakes his head.
I take a deep breath and look him in his eyes. 

''That's not what I'm gonna do.'' 


Gaia is the first to step into the pit. She looks around and faces all the people that are watching her. Waiting for her to die or to win. After a few seconds she catches my eyes and I slowly nod. She's the only one that knows what I plan to do. What surprised me was that she immediately wanted to be a part of it. 

The second to step into the pit is Indra. She doesn't look at anyone beside Octavia. I can see in her eyes that this hurts her. Octavia was like a second child to her, and now that girl betrayed her in her own way. 

The last one to step into the room is Bellamy. He looks at me and I point at the sword that's strapped against the fence. He looks at it and then back at me. He shakes his head and I'm not even surprised, at least it was worth a try. 

Octavia slowly stand up. 
''We've gathered here today to remind ourselves what happens to the enemy of wonkru. It doesn't matter who you are, if you choose to side against us, if you divide us, then you are not us. Before we give these traitors a second chance to be called... brother... sister... or seda, we pay tribute to those who have died so that we might live.''

After everyone paid their tribute Octavia looks at the three people who have given everything for her. Her brother almost died because of her, he shot Jaha just so he could get on the dropship. And that was all to keep her safe. 
Indra, her second mother, who trained her to become a true warrior. Without Indra she would be nowhere, she would be nothing. 
Gaia, who believed in her and who would do everything for her. 

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