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namjoon has always been a kind and forgiving person. whenever someone would hurt his feelings, he would be sad but eventually forgave them.

whenever someone took something of his without asking, he always blew it off and was very nice about it.

sometimes, it wasn't always a good thing, though. especially to his best friend.

taehyung knew namjoon knew about yoongi's unfaithful acts. he knew namjoon saw all the hickeys on his neck when he came home and could smell the scent of perfume that clung to his body.

but namjoon kept his mouth shut. taehyung knew namjoon loved yoongi, so very much. they had been together for eight years, since they met in college. taehyung tried to warn him the type of person yoongi was, but he didn't listen. always said the same thing.

"he'll change! i know he will, taehyungie!"

and yet, here he was, yet again, crying on taehyung's couch.

the younger sighed sadly and walked closer to the couch. he wanted to get out of his work clothes but his best friend was more important.

he sat down next to his head and reached out a hand to pet at namjoon's soft, dark brown hair. he heard his breathe hitch and his cries stopped and taehyung closed his eyes, already knowing what was coming.

"i'm sorry for showing up like this, tae-tae. it's just-"

"i know, yoongi showed up with more bruises, didn't he," taehyung hissed out. he could feel his blood boiling under his skin already, his hunger to teach yoongi a lesson growing.

he watched namjoon slowly nod his head before he started crying softly. taehyung slowly made namjoon sit up and then he picked him up and placed him in his lap. namjoon didn't seem to mind the change in position but he kept his head down.

the younger was filled with sorrow that he had to witness, to him, the most wonderful and kind person in the world break down over someone that didn't deserve him in their life.

he lifted a hand and softly lifted namjoon's head so he could look him in the eye. his heart broke even more at how broken and sad namjoon looked, his eyes red and cheeks puffy.

"he's not worth your tears, joon. hell, he doesn't even deserve to breath the same air as you and i truly wish you would realize how little he cares about you. he's only using you for your money and popularity. maybe he did care about you at some point but it's obvious the money and fame has gone to his head. im not going to force you to break up with him but i highly suggest you do, as someone who really cares about you. it's not healthy for either of you."

namjoon sat speechless at what his best friend had just said. in the back of his mind, he had always known these things but he never wanted to admit it to himself. he didn't think he'd be able to handle the ugly truth of it all. but now that he did, it didn't feel as bad because he had taehyung.

the older smiled softly and sniffled, reached up to wipe his nose with his sleeve and leaned forward to hug his best friend. his hold was tight, but not as tight as taehyung's, his muscles making it so namjoon could barely move.

"thank you, tae-tae. i love you so much," namjoon mumbled and he heard the younger chuckle before he felt a kiss on the side of his head, "i promise i'll end it with him."

taehyung smiled to himself and buried his face in namjoon's soft sweater and mumbled, "i love you, too. a lot more than you think."


[ me: y'all want a part 2?

but that part 2 is coming as soon as i can, and im definitely gonna make a part 2 to this. ily ]

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