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Human Name - Andreea Lupei

Place of Representation - Transylvania (The Romanian one)

Age - 24-25 Years

Gender - Female

Appearance - She has strawberry blonde hair. that is layered and slightly wavy usually in a side ponytail. Her eyes are a pulsing blood red but when she hasn't fed, the pupil dialates so much that the iris is barely visible at all. Her skin is a ghostly pale.

Attire - She wears a green trench coat that has black cuffs and buttons with her coat of arms pin over her heart. She wears a pair of deep brown pants and laced-up breaches. She sports a pair of black gloves.

Personality - Her sweet, innocent, curious, king and loving side called "Andreea" is the part she portrays when calm and collected emotionally. However, her bloodthirsty, cold, obsessive side just so happens to be the one remembered by the majority of the world revered to as "Sylvia". She seems somewhat unlucky when trying to help people out and is terrible with advice.

Passions - She is normally found behind a master prank scheme along with her older brother. She enjoys dancing to rhythm weather its freestyle or not. Despite her creepy aura, she loves making friends. Her brother taught her how to use black magic, but even if she enjoys it, she prefers herself as her main weapon.

Others - Only once was she seen outside in the sunlight, as a small child wandering about. Back then she had somewhat amberish eyes and tanner skin, her "baby fangs" missing. That was before she met any of the personified and the world corrupted her child-like brain. So no, she wasn't born a strigoi, but she was turned in her teen years, stopping her chances to age as much as she could possibly had the chance to before.

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