Kiss yourself

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*looks over at Bishop* I prefer doing this one then the one she originally attended...

Bishop: Lol

Lemondrop: Giving a kiss to yourself? How can one do that?

Voodoo: There are many ways when you think about it

Example. A mirror... oh shoot, forgot that Dusk is still in the cage.

Dusk: *on the ceiling in the cage *.... *drops to the floor* FINALLY SOMEONE NOTICED !

Voodoo: Oh I noticed...but didn't wanna say anything because you were hanging from the top of the cage...

Dusk: That's what boredom in a cage will do to you... I was in there for two days.

Lemondrop: Actually, you were there for a full day and a half.

Ricochet: Yeah..

Dusk: Still close enough.

Anyways... I need a mirror.

Loxo: *brings a mirror in* Got it!!!

Voodoo: That was quick...

Well... * studies their relfection* .... I actually look pretty decent.

Mirror shatters then. That just shot down my self esteem

Loxo: *bursts out laughing*

Bishop: *laughs* Ok plan B..

Silence: What's plan b?

Voodoo: .....Um...

Bishop: *leaves and comes back with a picture of Bloody*

*takes the picture* ....Okay who the fck took this picture?

Dusk: *shrugs*

Bishop: Bloody.... Do you remember?

No, because I never take pictures of myself.

Bishop: Do you remember.... September?


Bishop: The picture was taken in September...

From what???

Bishop: Not sure to be completely honest but I think it might of been because we were testing out a camera to see if it worked...

I don't recall that... but alright. *looks at the picture* ...I look decent when not paying attention to the cam-

Picture turns into ashes

....Aaaand it crumbled away like my self esteem.... fck it I'll just kiss my paw.

Lemondrop: Don't be disappointed, Classy. You do look more than decent.

Ricochet: Agreed

Apparently if I say so something terrible happens so I'll just say I'm a terrible wolf. Random fact, did you know that if you kiss someone on the paw or hand it indicates that you respect them or grateful for what they've done. In other places it's a sign as honor or showing that you mean no harm.

Bishop: You respect yourself

Hell yeah I do *gives a quick peck on their own paw* Done.... better when I do it to someone else.

Lemondrop: Oh, I never knew kisses could mean different things.

Kisses on the cheek shows welcoming and friendliness.

Loxo: That's not what Alex showed!!!

*opens their mouth to protest but slightly hesitates* .....fck you *rubs their cheek*

Ricochet: I thought kisses were just kisses....

No, kisses stands for different things. Cheek kiss is a sign of welcoming and friendliness. Hand kisses show you respect the person or grateful.

Loxo: What about neck kisses???

Ah, those. It depends on what type. Cause there's biting too.

Voodoo: *looks at the camera* Wait for it...

Lemondrop: Well, what does biting symbolize?

Neck bites indicates that you're prey and about to get eaten. The neck is the most exposed part of a body and easy to target. Which is why I always aim for it when chasing down deers, elk, and other prey. You just gotta bite down on the right place. Don't hesitate either. The more rough the bite, the easier the catch will be.

Lemondrop: Oh.... that's why all the deers and other prey you bring have bite marks on their neck....

Voodoo: How did we get to talking about what kisses mean to biting prey in the neck to kill them?

Dusk: Who knows..

Silence: Or it could just be vampire sex.....

Dusk and Bishop: *glaring at Silence*

Loxo: Oh! Rose was a vampire this Halloween!!!

*chokes on their drink* No! I don't- no!!! *grabs Silence by the scruff of his shirt and puts him in a cage*

Silence: *looks at the bars* You... know I can escape... right?

You know I have a bottle filled with holy water to spray upon the bars....right?

Dusk: *backs away in fear*

Silence: *looks Bloody straight in the eyes then teleports out of the cage*

You ungrateful little sht.... *looks over at Voodoo* Cut the camera cause this is gonna get nasty

Voodoo: Oh, uh. Well, guess that's it for this dare! Got any more dares or asks? Have us know in the comments! Bye now! *messes with the camera* How do you turn this off?!?!

Crashes and bangs are heard

Lemondrop: No, not the window!!!

Voodoo: Found the off button!!!

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