viii. acht

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THEA'S WORLD WAS SPINNING AS HER MIND WAS BUZZING. She was a nervous wreck. Even if Newt pressed an encouraging kiss on her forehead, she was still nervous. If anything went wrong, they were screwed. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead as she dressed up as a guard. Thea didn't question from where they got the uniform but, she knew it was a bit too big for her.

Newt laughed a bit at her as he saw how the uniform partially hung from her body, he found it very funny. Her face expression was clearly an annoyed one as he laughed at her. "Sometimes I just wanna slap you." she stated with a glare. Newt had pink cheeks at this point as he tried to stop laughing.

"Stop it." she grumbled trying to get him to stop laughing. She went over to him and slapped his arm in a playful manner. "Stop laughing." she pouted which made Newt laugh even harder. His laugh was affectionous making her also laugh. The two of them laughed like everything was alright but deep inside they knew it wasn't.

Soon it died down and the two of them got ready again. Inside the WICKED building they waited for Teresa and Thomas - who was also dressed up as a guard - to enter the building. The two of them would part from time to time so they wouldn't seem as suspicious. Finally they spotted Thomas and went over to them.

Newt stood in front of the two and signalized them that it was him and Thea. The group of four walked through the building, passing several other guards. Soon enough they walked through a hallway on which one of its sides were windows. From those windows she could see a guard getting ready to joing them, Gally. He joined the group which now looked like a duck family as they made their way through the facility.

"Hold on, Hold on. I can get in here." spoke Gally after they entered a new part of the building. Staircases led up and down from the spot where they stood. Thea stood ready with her gun just in case if someone descended down the stairs. Gally pulled his mask up as he did something at the boxes which hung on the walls. Thea couldn't really see what he was doing as she stood with her back to him.

"Throw me the walkie." ordered Thomas as he pulled his mask up. Gally threw Thomas his walkie as he descended down the stairs. Thea looked over to Newt who also pulled his mask up by now and coughed heavily. She went over to him and also pulled her mask up revealing her concerned expression.

They both noticed how Teresa stared at them with sad eyes which showed regret and guilt. The pair turned away from Teresa as Thea hugged him tightly. The hug was more to calm her than him. She closed her eyes tightly as she took a deep breath. "I'm fine." he mumbled as she let him go but Thea knew he wasn't telling the complete truth.

"Are you sure?" she quizzed worriedly. He didn't look so good as his face became pale since the last time she saw him. "Yes." he responded with doubt in his voice as if he wasn't sure himself. Thea looked at him with concern as if she was questioning if he was sure. "I am." he added as he saw how she looked at him.

Thea drowned out her surroundings as she concentrated on Newt specifically. At the time she looked around again she saw how Gally already opened the control box. "This will work." he mumbled as he pulled on different kind of cables. Thea just hoped he knew what he was doing.

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