Chapter 61

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I flew through the night toward my goal and only slowed when the Templar bonfire came into view. "What do you want us to do, Little Thing," Drogo asked me. The three of us stood in the shadows beyond the view and hearing of the Templars. I reached up and touched his face, looking at his predatory beauty. My eyes looked at Peter and admired him as well. "I want you to sit back and watch. Keep an eye on the perimeter for strays, but I'm sure I can handle this on my own." Drogo and Peter got the same expression; concern and doubt. They had never really seen me fully unleashed. "Do you trust me?" I asked them. "I trust you to do your best but you do have a habit of getting yourself into trouble, Sweetness," Peter answered me softly.

I smiled at him, caressing him with my eyes. "I'll be fine. Like I said, slaughtering babies. They are unarmed and have their guard down. Watch the perimeter for me and step in if you feel I'm in imminent danger but otherwise, just sit back and watch. I'm not as helpless as you think. I have a pretty good track record over in Europe, compared to here. Trust me," I offered them again. "Ok, Little Thing," Drogo said reaching up to stroke my cheek with his thumb, "Show us what you can do." I got a smirk on my face and said, "I will now and when we get home." The brothers chuckled and started heading off in opposite directions to walk a perimeter in the shadows. I watched them walk away and turned my attention to the clearing in front of me.

I walked boldly into the light of the fire, my fangs glinting in the light, my face once again shrouded by my hood. The eyes that turned to me widened for a second, their heart beats speeding up, before they recognized me as the girl Loan had walked around with. I gave an eery smile towards my audience. To play with my prey or not? What the hell, it was Halloween after all, why not? I let my eyes light up the dark under my hood, drawing a few gasps from those that caught it. I then used my magic to slowly form tall wings at my back that unfolded up behind me, just like a big bat or demon. More gasps this time, but I also heard noises of appreciation at what they thought to be a newly revealed piece of my costume. I had the wings flap a few times, moving the air around me, bringing doubt into their minds.

I stepped farther into the fire light and more of the young Templars, both male and female, turned to look at the vampiric demon walking toward them. Heart beats started speeding up, their bodies' reactions finally starting to take over their minds' doubts that I was real. I brought my hand out and started to gather a ball of light there, while an evil grin spread across my face. They were still confused as they stared at the orb of light growing in my hand. They were suddenly all silent and frozen, looking at me as the blue light swirled there and my eyes glowed red. Their hearts hammering inside their chests. And then I bared my fangs for them, snarling ferociously; it was such an impossibly inhuman sound, that at last their brains registered that I was the real deal.

Screaming started as I threw the ball of light into the bonfire, making it explode into a massive inferno, blazing almost as high as the trees. Arms came up to shield the party-goers eyes and faces from the blaze that knocked many of them backwards onto the ground. I didn't hesitate to start throwing explosive magic around the clearing, destabilizing the crowd gathered and causing a general panic. I whipped my arm out in a great arc, stealing the flames from the bonfire, spreading it out like a snake around the clearing, preventing the panicking youth from fleeing. I pulled the flames higher and hotter with raised hands, forcing them back, as I started tearing into anyone close to me; tearing out throats, while I roared and snarled viciously. The night predator in me was fully unleashed, as thick hot blood started to soak the forest floor.

I worked my way through the crowd, blood coating my bottom jaw, throat and chest. As the numbers thinned, panic set in deeper and the Templars were desperate to escape their certain death, even to the point of jumping into the perimeter flames. I saw a tall man starting to make a running leap. I snaked my arm forward and pulled on an invisible line of magic, yanking him all the way to the forest floor at my feet. I flashed my eyes and fangs at him, reaching down to his neck, breaking his neck in one swift movement, before pouncing on the nearest Templar to continue the slaughter. Their minds were all panic, having had little to no training on how to deal with vampires or other creatures when under attack.

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