Chapter 12

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Bugging Media

Ayesha's POV

Oh God..  What is this??

It was a magazine and it's first page read...

The most eligible bachelor and famous business tycoon Neil Malhotra seen with his new love interest....

Neil Malhotra, the famous business tycoon was yesterday seen exiting a private hospital along with a lady. This lady is claimed to be his new love interest and some also say that the businessman is also expecting some good news which made him to pay a visit to the doctor .

  Earlier, Mr Malhotra was linked to Veronica Williams, the famous model who is the face of his company. Nonetheless, the man himself never confirmed his relationship status.

Neil Malhotra has also been linked to several girls before. But this time it seems that he has finally found his lady charm. Well , only time will tell if these reports are true or not.

And there was a photo of both of us just below the article. In this photo Mr  jerk was helping me to get into his car. My face was not visible as I was already in the car. Only my hand was visible that was present on his hand.

Thank God!! They didn't snap my face.

I raised my head and looked towards ananya. She was staring me with narrow eyes.

"I know that it's you bitch! See the ring 💍 on the finger. So pregnant, huh!! Listen, I am telling you in advance that your kid is not at all gonna call me aunty, OK... I mean I am just eighteen years old. " She said with a worried face.

This girl!!  I am gonna kill her. How can she think that I am pregnant with his child when I was the one who was crying two days back as he kissed me forcibly.

" Listen bitch! It's nothing like that.  OK. I am neither pregnant nor planning to get pregnant anytime soon. So just chill!"I said slapping her shoulder.

Oh God!!  What a mess!  Now, the journalists will definitely chase me out. I have to talk to Neil.

I picked up my phone and called him. But he just rejected it. Then mom came and took the magazine from Annie's hand.

" Oh God!  The youngsters of these days, I tell you. They are so spoilt that they do everything before marriage only. Now look at this girl only...  God knows that what values her parents may have given her. " She said throwing the magazine on the bed. She picked up the knife from a bowl of fruits and marched towards us.

" Hi guys,  all set for summer vacations. " Vanya said entering into the room.

" Oh God! What is this?? " We all said in unison.

"Listen girls, if I ever get to hear any of such things about you then trust me I will chop all of you alive." She shouted.

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