Chapter 17: Ghoul Down

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edited 04/05/19

this is the chapter when i first started using omniscient view after 3 years of just using first person 😂

the unedited version is hilarious i swear (cheers to old readers if you guys remember)

november 10, 2018

Hyunjin placed Jinwoo on his bed. He's now aiding her wound which he didn't notice before as Seungmin examines Hyejoo's body.

"I never thought that she would be one," Seungmin said, still focused on Hyejoo while crouching down. He has a glove on his right hand while using his bare left to contact someone through his phone– coworkers to be precise.

Han Hyejoo was the brothers' childhood friend and none of them thought she would be someone, something rather, like their father. They practically grew up together and she didn't show any sign of being a demonic creature, a ghoul.

"Would you please fill me up?" Hyunjin asked his younger brother–practically demanded. "Where did you get that knife thing and what the hell are you doing now?"

After taking care of Jinwoo's wound, he now started frowning at his brother– watching him do his business without feeling bothered by the horrifying sight of Hyejoo's headless and bloody body. He already saw that kind of sight once after all.

"Well, dear hyung, I did some smart things while you were gone," Seungmin answered, not taking even a quick glance at his brother. "This is what I've been preparing to show you."

"What exactly are you..."

"I joined the ghoul hunters."

Hyunjin raised an eyebrow even though his brother isn't looking at him. "Since when?" He's very flustered. The Seungmin he's seeing right now isn't the younger brother whom he used to take care of.

"When we were still in Las Vegas, I had this friend. He invited me to join them when he found out about father."

"Dude! You're too young for this!"

"I don't want to end up like father," Seungmin answered thickly as if he was disgusted by the term 'father'. "I'm doing this because I want to be strong and brave. I want to have the strength to fight myself if ever I do turn into a ghoul."

"How old is your friend? Why the fuck did he bring you to this?" Hyunjin scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest– now standing up.

"He was 18."

"Damn it Seungmin– this is dangerous!"

"Precisely," Seungmin shrugged and finally, someone answered his call. "What took you so long!"

Hyunjin continued to stare and even listened to Seungmin who's talking to someone. He feels a bit disappointed in himself for not being able to think like his younger brother. He feels as if he failed filling in the role of a 'hyung' even more.

"I should have been the one who protected them," he thought.

"Come to SKZ University now. We have a ghoul."

"It bit someone. Yeah, that girl fainted but she's fine."

"What? Transformation doesn't work that way..."

"Fine, just come as fast as you can. I'll inform the admins here."

"Hyung I'm not dumb, of course. Bye."

Seungmin's phone call has ended and Hyunjin used this as an opportunity to talk. "Killing ghouls doesn't mean you'll be able to kill the ghoul inside of you. You know that, right?"

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