Chapter 16

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I didn't sleep well last night. I hadn't seen Clarke since that whole ordeal with the stitches. Trust me, it was nasty. I woke up later than everyone else, as usual. I was finally beginning to turn a deaf ear to their noise. It wasn't as if I was missing something. Nothing ever happened here. Today, however, I didn't wake up by myself. I could feel someone grabbing my arm, shaking my whole body, getting me to quickly wake up. I sat up in my bed, groaned loudly, before recognizing the person standing before me.
"Monty, what are you doing?"
"Have you seen Clarke?" He asked, clearly worried.
"No. Why?" I asked in return, finally fully awake. I could see Monty getting a bit closer to me.
"I think they did something to her. Now come on," he said in a lower voice, before turning his back, walking away. I quickly got dressed before jumping off my bed, trying to follow his past pace. We walked out of the dorm, Monty looking around, trying to spot something.
"What are we looking for?" I asked him, finally catching up to him. He didn't stop looking around only continued to walk. Then, he spotted two people, looking quite cozy. It was Maya and Jasper.
"Jasper. You seen Clarke?" Monty asked, catching Jasper off-guard. Jasper looked a little taken back, slightly shaking his head.
"No," he said in a small voice.
"Nobody has," Monty said, before shifting his gaze towards Maya. "Hey." His voice was darker this time.
"Hey. Umm, you guys should-" Maya started speaking, looking even more taken aback than Jasper.
"No, we're... uhh... breakfast," he said, looking back and forth from Maya to Monty. "I'll meet you in line?" He asked, making Maya smile. Young love. How sweet. Maya nodded slightly before making her leave. Jasper stared at her longingly, like a puppy in love. I rolled my eyes, before walking up to him, smacking him in the back of his head. This finally made him stop with the eyes. He looked at me angrily.
"Hey-," he started, but I quickly interrupted him.
"Now is not the time to fraternize with the enemy," I said, not helping with Jasper's angry look.
"She's not the enemy," Jasper said, weirdly defensive of her.
"I've got a bad feeling," Monty interrupted, once again directing the conversation towards Clarke.
"Look. I'd love to talk to you about Clarke any time in my entire life other than right now, okay?" Jasper said, trying to leave in the direction Maya went. He was really smitten. However, Monty was quick to stop him.
"What if she's in trouble?" He asked Jasper, making Jasper sigh heavily.
"Trouble. It's Clarke. Whatever she's up to I'm sure she can handle it," Jasper said, before finally leaving.
"Look, Clarke could be in any situation. She could be in the hospital, she could be outside and captured by grounders, she could be outside and with the others from camp, we don't know. She could be dead, we wouldn't know. Right now, we need to focus getting ourselves out and finding a way to contact our friends outside," I said to Monty, who looked no less relaxed.
"Yeah, you're right. We need to find a way out," he said, before starting to walk again. What was with that boy and all the walking?

Monty and I had spent the majority of the time before lunch, trying to find ways out of the mountain. So far, we hadn't found anything. Not before long, it was time for lunch. I groaned loudly, before going along with Monty towards the dining room. We sat down at a table, Monty's plate full of food, mine still empty. I still refused to eat their food. I could feel the damage it had done to my body. I was weaker than ever before. My legs felt like jelly, most of the time, I couldn't walk properly or long distances. But it was better than eating their food. Better than giving in to the mountain men.
"I know you hate them, but you should really try their chocolate cake," Monty said, mouth full of it. Sure, it did look delicious, but no. It was still mountain food.
"No, thanks," I said, before looking around the room. That's when I spotted the man himself. Dante. "Excuse me." I stood up, leaving Monty to wonder where I was off to now. I felt dizzy standing up, but nevertheless I had to talk to him. As I was nearing him, he turned around, looking at me. He excused the people around him, making us stand there, alone.
"To what do I owe this pleasure?" He asked, sinister as ever. I only stared at him.
"Where's Clarke?" I asked him, making him take a breath, shifting his stand.
"Clarke is safe," he simply replied. I scoffed, before taking a step closer to him.
"See, I don't think you're telling the truth, Wallace," I said, matching his sinister tone. I could see him clench his jaw. Good to know I could still make people angry.
"Clarke is safe. There's no need to get into trouble looking for her," he said, sending me a small smile, before turning around slightly, ready to leave. I grabbed his arm, getting closer to him.
"If I find out you're lying to me, I'll rip this town apart until it rains blood," I said, before removing my arm, letting him walk away. I watched him walk towards some other old people, before I returned to Monty. His plate was now occupied by waffles, but his gaze was fixated on Jasper, who stood before him. I took a deep breath, before walking towards them. They were talking about Clarke.
"I don't think she slept in her bed last night," Monty said, having not noticed me.
"She didn't," I said, before waking towards Jasper, taking a seat next to him. I could now see worry oozing off of both boys.
"What do we do?" Monty asked. Jasper looked puzzled. Then he fixated his gaze on someone. Maya.
"Maya has access to everything through her job. Maybe, she could snoop around," he suggested. It wasn't a bad plan. We only needed to know whether we could trust Maya. "If Clarke's in trouble, she can find out."
"I don't know," Monty said, clearly having some of the same concerns as me. Could we really trust Maya? "Clarke and Alice don't trust them. What if they're right?" I scoffed, muttering something along the lines of 'I'm always right'.
"We can trust Maya," Jasper said, giving us a look, which apparently convinced Monty. "At least I think we can. Besides, what choice do we have?" That was it. Maya would be our undercover agent.

Time went by slowly. No one said anything. We just waited for Maya to return, with either good or bad news. Finally, after hours of waiting, she returned.
"Did you find out something?" Monty asked, being the first to break the silence. Maya looked as if she'd seen a ghost.
"What is it?" I asked in a hard tone, making Maya look down at the floor.
"Apparently, Clarke had some kind of... breakdown. She just snapped, started pulling out her stitches, hurting herself," Maya said, making me scoff slightly. Oh, how I wish Clarke had done that herself. Now, the memory of me pulling out her stitches would be forever burnt into my memory.
"Where's she now?" Monty asked.
"Psych ward. Being monitored. I talked to a friend who works there, she thinks it might be a couple days before the doctors let anyone see her," Maya said. Again, silence filled our little area of the dining room. Then, Monty got up. I quickly followed him.
"We'll see about that," he said, as we started walking. We needed to go find her. We walked out of the dining room, going towards the dorm, looking at the map, trying to find the psych ward. It didn't show on the map.
"We need to find her," Monty said. I nodded, before getting up. We walked down hallways, walked in and out doors, in and out rooms we didn't even know existed. We didn't find her, though. After walking in an endless amount of hallways, we gave up. I know, we shouldn't have, but we did. We gave up, waking back to the dorm. I couldn't help but wonder where she was. Did she get out? Was she dead? For the first time in years, I had actually missed her. I should've been the one to go. I should've been the one to go to the psych ward, or wherever she was. She should've been here, leading HER people.
I started thinking about my father. About Bellamy. About Octavia. About Charlotte. About everyone I missed, everyone I'd lost. Maybe, I'd never get out of the mountain. Maybe I was destined to be there forever. Even though I didn't believe in destiny, it seemed like a possibility at this moment. Maybe I'd be down there forever. Down in the mountain. Doomed to never see my best friend again, if we were still best friends. Doomed to never see the sun again. Doomed to never see my father again. Doomed to never see the man, whom I thought the love of my life, again.

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