Chapter 60

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It was Halloween night, the night of the two parties in the woods outside of Mysteryspell. I was in my room getting ready; I was going as a vampire of course. I dressed in a black dress with a corset bodice, thin straps that crossed across my chest and a leather skirt with two slits that went all the way up my front to the corset, revealing the tops of my thighs. It was completed with black leather sleeves and a black hood. I put on my leather boots and looked in the mirror. Now for the 'make up' part. I turned and smirked at Drogo, pulling him to me. I bit down on his neck and drew his blood into my mouth, pulling back to let a thick line run it's way down my face and neck, down onto my chest, just settling at the top curve of my breast.

He leaned over and kissed my lips, returning the favor of the blood addition to his costume. I had asked Derrick if Drogo and Peter could come with me so they could walk me to the party and back home afterwards. He had welcomed Drogo eagerly; Drogo's presence always seemed to bring in more women at his Frat parties so he was a welcome addition. Peter wasn't considered any kind of threat so he had agreed to him as well. The three of us walked through the outskirts of Mysteryspell and headed off into the woods. The two parties were a good distance from one another in the woods but were close enough for me to skip from one to the other using vamp speed.

I had told Loan that I would meet him at the Templar bonfire after a while; first I was going to establish myself at this party. We walked through the woods, enjoying the night with all it's sounds and peace. A bonfire finally came into view in the distance, the sounds of a party meeting our ears. I pulled up and turned to Drogo, "Remember not to interfere." He just smirked and leaned in to kiss me. I smirked back and turned to also give Peter a quick kiss on the lips. "Happy Halloween, boys," I said, flashing my red eyes at them in the dark, flirting with an alluring smile. I loved Halloween, truly. It was the one night of the year where I didn't have to really hide and it was glorious. The boys just flashed their eyes back at me, all three of us letting our fangs descend.

We walked up close to the bonfire, the light illuminating the three of us. I could tell by the looks we were being given, that our appearance made a statement; some were amazed, some were fearful, some were turned on, including Derrick. He sauntered right up to me, sliding his hand around my waist, leaning down to kiss me. "There's my date," he whispered. "And may I say, you are the hottest vampire I've ever laid eyes on?" An ironic but pleased smile spread across my face; if only he knew. I laughed and gave him a smoldering look as he handed me a red cup. "Hey guys," he acknowledged the brothers, wrapping his arm around my waist. "You guys look awesome. Did you come as a trio of vampires to slaughter the party goers?" He smirked, laughing at his joke.

"Absolutely," I answered him, winking at the brothers who couldn't help but smirk back at me. It was true, just not at this party. I let Derrick lead me away to introduce me to some of his other football buddies and Frat brothers. All of their thoughts showed just how impressed they were that Derrick had me on his arm. The brothers and I mingled for a while, before I left Derrick discussing the latest game with his buddies, to blend into the dancing. I slowly moved to the outskirts and disappeared into the night of the forest. I sped off through the woods to where I knew the Templar party was happening.

The Templars were extra cautious on Halloween night, the headquarters going into lock down pretty much but the Templar youth threw a private party in the woods each year; they trusted in the safety of their exclusivity but still wanted to party and have their fun. I had plucked all this information from the Elder Templar at the house during surveillance. I walked out of the shadows, letting the bonfire light my dark form up, gleaming off of my fangs that were in clear view, even though most of my face was shrouded inside the hood that I wore. I heard gasps from the Templars near me, as I walked farther into the firelight. My red eyes found Loan who was smiling at me, looking me up and down with arousal. He walked up to me and pulled me to him, to possessively kiss me. "You look amazing, Sasha," he whispered. He was dressed up as a werewolf. Cute.

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