Chapter 13

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Piper's POV

Piper got into her school robes as she talked with Hazel, "I'm a bit nervous, I'm not sure if I'll be able to... you know, fit in right with everyone else."

"Yea, I know. I've been thinking about that too. Everyone else has been coming here since they were like eleven and we didn't even know about this world since, well, like last week," Hazel sighed as she made her bed.

In about ten minutes, everybody started to head off to their first hour classes. She, Annabeth, Hazel, and Hermione had decided the night before that they would walk to their classes together. Piper looked down at her schedule to double check what she had first, even though she had already checked it several times before, since she had gotten it. "Potions," she mumbled to herself, "then transfiguration, and then charms, and after that-"

"Should we start heading over to the dungeon now?" Hermione said as she straitened her robes.

"What dungeon?" Piper asked, a bit confused.

"Well our first class, potions, is in a dungeon. It's kind of cold in there but you sort of get use to it after a while," Hermione answered.

The four of them grabbed their bag of the school supplies that they all had to carry around during the day. "Well, to the cold dungeon we go then," Annabeth announced and opened the door.

As they stepped outside, they saw other students walking over to their first class of school year. Even though some of them looked a little nervous, all of them still looked excited. Piper had obviously been to a few different schools after getting expelled several times, but unlike the wizards and witches at Hogwarts, she was always worried on the first day of all the other schools that she had been to, never that excited, (except for at Hogwarts, because who wouldn't be excited about going to a wizarding school?) knowing that she was bound to get into trouble and probably. "I guess this school is a second home to the students who come here," Piper said out loud.

Hermione laughed, "Of course it is! And it'll probably soon be like a second home to you too."

As they made their way to the dungeon, Piper tried not to pay attention to some of the guy students who were trying to flirt with her as they walked past. She was obviously use to the attention that she often got for her appearance, but that didn't mean she necessarily enjoyed it. Her looks came in handy a few times during quests but she didn't like the idea of being thought of as just a pretty face. She sighed, a bit upset and annoyed, "Aphrodite genetics." Then when she thought about what she just said, she couldn't help laughing to herself a little. One of the first things you figured out when you go to a demigod camp is that gods and goddesses don't have DNA, so you can basically date another half-blood with different parents without it being that awkward.

When the four of them finally got to the dungeon, Piper looked around. She noticed that they would be having the potions class with some of the Ravenclaws, which she didn't really mind. She had heard that the Ravenclaws where were pretty smart and interesting people, but not necessarily mean. 

Hazel, Annabeth, and Piper found some empty seats in the back while Hermione sat in the row in front of them. A few minutes later, the boys with Harry and Ron came walked in, laughing and talking together. Jason, Leo, Percy, Frank, and Nico came over and each took a seat in their row as Ron and Harry grabbed seats next to Hermione. 

"Gods, I don't think I would've been able to get here in time if we hadn't walked here with Hermione. There has to be at least a hundred flights of stairs and way more halls and even more doors," Hazel said as she grabbed the potions book out of her bag. 

"No kidding, you could be lost in your own school if you took one wrong turn," Leo laughed. 

Percy mumbled, just loud enough for the group of demigods to hear, "At least we don't have to worry about monsters trying to kill us while we're here."

"I hope," Annabeth whispered, "but we should still be cautious, no place is completely safe for half-bloods."

"Quiet everyone!" the talking quickly died down as an old and miserable looking man walked up to the front of the class. "I am professor Filtch and I will be teaching potions to you this year. I expect good behavior and safety. Potions is not cooking class, one wrong ingredient and you could end up lying in a hospital bed for the rest of your life, and depending on your mistake, the length of 'the rest of your life' may be extremely short."

Filtch then told them to get their cauldrons and scales out, which Piper had almost forgotten about. All the students started putting them on the desks as Filtch started to pass out what she guessed were ingredients for the potion that they were going to be making. She looked closer but couldn't figure out what all of them were. There were some slugs and spikes that were probably porcupine quills but there were also several other things that she that she didn't really know what they were, and probably wouldn't even  want to know.

After the class quieted down Filtch started talking again, "Today, it being the first day back, we sill start with something simple. A cure of burns. It isn't just some silly little muggle cream, what you are trying to make will cure any kinds of burns, from the smallest to the worst."

Ron laughed quietly, "Filtch is trying to act all professional and stuff now that he's a teacher and not just a caretaker." Harry snickered a bit while Hermione gently hit his arm saying, "Shush, at least try paying attention in class, Ron."

As Filtch was about to start explaining how to make the potion, professor McGonagall walked into the class, "I will need mister Grace, Jackson, di Angelo, Zhang, and Valdez and miss Lavesque, Chase, and McLean in my office."

The eight of them stood up, all confused and nervous that all of and only the demigods had been called. They walked over and followed her as she led them through the halls, "A package was left in front of the school addressing the eight of you. Why it didn't just come by owl, I don't know, but there was a note on it explaining that it was important and should be given to you to open as soon as possible."

The demigods all looked at each other. "I wonder who it's from," Percy said. "And what's in it," Frank finished. Piper couldn't help thinking the same thing as they kept walking through the school towards the office where the box was waiting for them.

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