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Virgil slowly pulled away from the kiss.

He snuggled has head in roman's Chest. In Roman held Virgil close. And softly place a kiss on his head.

" please let this not be a dream"
Roman mumbled

" I would never do that to you my love"
Virgil said in a soft voice

Roman smile down at Virgil. He pulled him close again to his chest and they stay there like that for quite a while.

Virgil starts to hear muffled talking from the other side of the door. He makes it out as Logan and patton.

"I'm gust saying tha-" Logan started saying but then he opened the door and saw Virgil.

Both of them started at Virgil

Patten whimpers.

"Hay pat,"

Virgil says in a soft smile greeting him.

Roman pulls away and smells at them. As if he was saying that this is real and not a dream.

Tears going down pat and Logan's and Romans eye.

Patton and Logan rush over to hug Virgil.
Virgil hug them all back smiling
After a while of talking. getting caught up what happened will Virgil was out.

The question finally popped up

"So..... What hapind. With that light I mean you healed Patton's wounds?"
Logan ask confused

" well the truth had to come out sooner or later"
Virgil said as he took a deep breath and explain

Okay you all know this so I'm not going to put this in because fuck that I'm too lazy

Virgil explains that him and his mother were witches. leaving out the part about them being super hella strong.

" but that doesn't make any sense"
Logan question

" and neither does your superpower randomly obtaining powers. but yet the happened"
" okay good point"
" so Virgil you are a which?"

"That's so cool!"

Virgil turned and smile at Patton as the doctor working.


Will get to the Dr crab tomorrow.

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