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Sorry, I took forever. Here's chapter 2 :)


            Everyone has their big days—their very first day of school, their graduation, their wedding—and these days come with lots of nerves. For Louis, this big day has nothing to do with school or holy matrimony; instead, it has to do with the grand opening of his club.

            Louis Tomlinson comes from money, but he’s not one to use his money on useless things. For years now, he’s had the plan to open a club that he would run and also work the bar. He wants to make a living on his own and without his family’s money, because he is his own person. He is grateful to have money to fall back on if he ever needs it, but at this moment, he is on his own.

            For the past month, Louis has been preparing for the opening of his club. He has been running all over town making sure everything will be absolutely perfect because he does not want this dream of his to crash on the first day. Right before the doors open, Louis stands in the center of the room and looks around. Everything is right where it needs to be: the bar is stocked, the lights are up, the glasses are clean, the DJ is . . . Louis’ face drops. Where the hell is the DJ?

            He pulls his phone out of his front pocket and right when he is about to start dialing, it starts ringing. He picks up, “Where the hell are you?”

            “Well, hello to you, too.”

            “Again, I repeat, where the hell are you? We’re about to open, but we can’t do that if the DJ is not here!” Louis knows he sounds frantic, but this is his night and it has to go well.

            “Lou, calm down. I’ll be there before you know it,” and with that, he hangs up the phone.

            He is about to call back and yell until his throat is sore, but someone taps him on the shoulder. He turns around and sees his best friend, Zayn. He shoves his shoulder. “What the hell? You were supposed to be here over an hour ago!”

            Zayn rubs his shoulder. “I’m here now,” he says. “Stop freaking out. There’s still time.”

            He scoffs. “Zayn, you know how important tonight is to me.”

            “I’ve already set up the booth earlier today and the only thing missing is me and my laptop and we are both here and ready to go so, Louis, take a breath and calm down. I wouldn’t let you down, you know that,” Zayn says in an assuring tone.

            He takes a few deep breaths. “I—I’m just really, really nervous.”

            “Don’t be,” Zayn tells him. “You have the best DJ ever so you have nothing to worry about.”

            Louis laughs humorlessly and rolls his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, just make sure the music is perfect, alright? I have lots to worry about, but the music shouldn’t be one, right?”

            Zayn nods. “Yep, I got it. Don’t worry.”

            “Stop saying that.”

            “I can’t help it. You should see how you look right now.” He points to Louis’ face before picking up his laptop case and making his way to the DJ booth.

            Louis takes his place behind the bar and looks around once again. One of the security guards comes up to him and asks him if he’s ready to open the doors. He looks across the room at Zayn who gives him a thumbs up before blasting a high tempo song. Louis nods and holds his breath as people come pouring in through the front door.

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