After You

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Salvatore was called inside. Aryan was conscious and he can never thank whatever forces were out there enough. Aryan was looking at him, a small smile on his face. He then looked at the five cradles near him and then at Salvatore who smiled.

Aryan was a bit woozy but fine. He smiled when Salvatore pecked him on his forehead. Aryan smiled.

"Five," he said hysterically.

Salvatore nodded.

"Five," nodded Salvatore a small smile on his face.

"Good thing too because we are never getting pregnant again," said Salvatore.

"What why? You don't want more kids? Do you think they are too many?" asked Aryan panicking and Salvatore rolled his eyes making Aryan gape.

"You rolled your eyes," said Aryan.

"Yes, I did. Now listen, I am not going to let you go through that pain again. If we ever feel the need for more kids we will adopt," said Salvatore.

Aryan looked at the man.

"I know I never told you this. But listen, Everything comes after you, everything," said Salvatore and Aryan blushed red and looked at him.

Caroline and Jack were not putting the kids down.

"We have to name them," said Caroline.

Salvatore looked at Aryan.

"Rayan Vallar El Manzoni, after your grandfather," said Aryan.

Salvatore smiled.

Salvatore took his oldest in his arm from Caroline and gave him to Aryan who called him the name.

Then they took their second child and Salvatore looked at Aryan in askance.

"Saavan Vallar El Manzoni, the name means the onset of rainy season," said Aryan.

Salvatore nodded the smile intact.

Aryan took their third child and held him.

"Sacha, after your brother," said Aryan looking at Salvatore.

Salvatore was silent and nodded. Sacha died when he was only three. They had killed him in front of then 9-year-old Salvatore and he had held the body for two straight days before Avanindra and Venkat found him.

Salvatore held their fourth child and Aryan smiled as he held the baby and then thought for a moment.

" Sagar, means ocean, which is limitless," said Aryan.

Salvatore nodded and took their youngest in his arms.

"Noah, for hope and survival," said Aryan as they looked at their youngest.

Salvatore nodded and hugged Aryan and sat down next to them.

They laid the kids back on the cribs and Jack and Caroline left to give them some privacy.

Aryan laid his head on Salvatore's shoulder.

"I want to go home," said Aryan.

"I want to take you all home too," said Salvatore.

"And?" asked Aryan sensing that the sentence was not complete.

"And lock all six of you inside and stay outside with a gun," said Salvatore after a brief silence.

Aryan looked at him.

"Were you scared?" asked Aryan in a hushed voice.

There was a long silence before Salvatore said "Yes, I thought I will lose you," said Salvatore.

Aryan looked at him.

"I felt so powerless and humbled. I couldn't do anything for you. I felt useless. I-" Salvatore looked down.

"You did everything. You gave me the strength. The fact that I know you will have my back gave me the strength. Salvatore, I would have given up if not for you," said Aryan

Salvatore hugged him.

"Five kids," said Aryan and laughed, a bit hysterical as he looked at Salvatore.

"We will be fine," said Salvatore.

"Are you really okay with this? You were not sure about one," said Aryan.

"I am scared, still scared but well, they are magical," said Salvatore.

Aryan nodded and smiled.

They went home a couple of days later. Salvatore never left their side knowing that Aryan and their sons will need him.

Salvatore looked at their sleeping faces. The nursery was turned even bigger. Aryan sat on the side and was bottle feeding Sagar.

Salvatore had Sacha in his arms as he fed his son too. Caroline came in smiling.

"It is time for your meeting," said Caroline.

Salvatore looked at Aryan.

"I will be fine. It is only a couple of hours and hell, I have Aunt Muret (Valentino's wife) to help me here. Don't worry," said Aryan.

Salvatore dropped a kiss on Aryan's forehead and he got to the door. He looked back at his family. He now had a bigger responsibility of giving his children a safer environment to grow up in.

Salvatore nodded to Aryan who smiled and said "Stay safe and come back home soon," said Aryan.

Salvatore gave a nod and left.

The meeting was excruciatingly slow. But he went back home as soon as it ended. Aryan was close to tears when he arrived but on seeing him smiled in relief.

Caroline and Jack now lived with them to help with the kids as Salvatore asked them to.


Their sex life picked up after a month and Aryan went back to the gym with Salvatore.  He got his body back in shape in a couple of months as fitness was very important to him. Salvatore loved him either way.

Aryan smirked as he looked at Salvatore who was sort of mock glaring at Rayan who has pooped all over him. Rayan was looking up innocently.

"I will wash up and be back and we will have a talk," said Salvatore. Rayan blinked scrunching up his nose.

Aryan snorted.

"Go bath, I got him," said Aryan and took him away. On the days Aryan went to the castle, he didn't have to worry at all. There would be numerous people to help him with the kids.

Saavan is the crybaby of the lot. He always needed either of his parents' attention. Sagar was the sort of baby who was quiet. Sacha would only sleep if Salvatore carried him around. Noah was the wailer. He always wails when he feels like grabbing some eyeballs. Rayan, Rayan only went into only if his siblings are taken away from him.

Salvatore got out after a bath and a change and came back to deal with his sons.

Aryan was sure all of them will be mini Salvatore's.


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