Next Morning

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Dedicated to all those who don't fit in. 💖 I hope you find yourself somewhere here💖💖

I wake up the next morning before anyone else. Yes, there are three of us here today, thanks to Mike. I look at him, the dork. He looks so hot, with tattoos all over his arms and back. Had it not been for the little un our house I would have woken him up with kisses and a handjob maybe? Anyway, your loss. The baby monitor wasn't working so I don't know if she is awake or not. It's pretty late, and I decide to go check on her.

I tip toe inside the room to see her huddled somewhere in bed between all the pillows and the stuffies. I shift some of them to make more space for her in the bed and she relaxes more into the bed. The lights are on so my guess is she was scared of sleeping alone. She is not wearing here Pajamas and is wearing the oversized tee. Mike? Is he blind? This is like 3 sizes big for her, the clothes. She has deep cuts and countless scratches all over her body. Her arms, thighs, legs, palms, shoulders. I flinch. We should have given her  first aid first. She obviously did not take a bath, she is all grubby. She looks sweet. She is not her, maybe. For all I know, she could be. Too early to decide. I let her be and go to have a bath and then prepare some breakfast. I still have today off. I will have to be back at work tomorrow.

There is not much food in the house. I make chocolate pancakes and there is juice.

I am just done when I see Mike looking at me from the table.

"When did you come down?" I ask him, still concentrating on the last of my pancakes.

"When you were busy looking hot preparing breakfast." He smiles. I roll my eyes. I want to ask him if Catherine's awake yet, I am pretty sure Mike checked on her but I hold myself back. He will give me shit if I do.

"She's still asleep. Did you see the cuts and slashes all over her? Reckon we should fix her once she wakes up." He tells me.

"Fix who?"

"Really?" He laughs.

"what?" I snap.

"Carl, Carl. My dearest Carl. You sure aren't making "chocolate" pancakes for me. Since when have we had chocolate pancakes for breakfast?" He is smirking at me.


I turn around and get the plates out.

"You know you are adorable, right?" He says and comes and hugs me.

"Get away, boy."

He kisses my cheek and goes back to the table, still laughing.

We both here shuffling upstairs and freeze.

"Go." I tell him when he is looking at me as if asking permission.

They come down two minutes later and guess what, Mike, yes Michael is carrying her. Whaaa?

The girl looks adorable rubbing her eyes, still quite sleepy.

"Don't rub your eyes." I tell her and she brings her hands down. She looks scared. Why is she scared of me? It's not like I will eat her for lunch.

Mike rubs her back when she hides into the croon of his neck.

"Hungry, sweet thing? Look Carl's made you chocolate pancakes."

She turns her head slightly to look at the pancakes. How old is she in her headspace?

Mike sits her on his lap and feeds her.

"We will give you a nice bath after this and then fix you okay?" Mike tells her and she doesn't seem to be listening.

I eat my bowl of museli and fruits.

"Talk to her, ask her how did she get here? What if there is someone looking for her? We might get arrested for kidnapping." I reason. Mike nods.

She was busy playing with a spoon to pay attention to us.

"Doll? Catherine? You want to tell me how and why did you get in here last night?"

She shakes her head and hides in his arms. Go figure.

After breakfast, we try to get her into a bath quite unsuccessfully. So we are sitting the living room and colouring.

She is so comfortable with Mike it's like they have known each other all along. It's kinda annoying. I mean she jumps up when I talk to her and hides behind him. Mikey is enjoying my plight way too much. Not that I am showing him that I care. Not that I care.

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