My Boy- Vikklan Parts 1 & 2

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Includes Trans!Vikk because A: I'm currently dysphoric as hell, B: I'm sad that Vikk is moving out and wanted to making something around that and C: BABIES!!!! AND VIKKLAN!!!!

Vikk's P.O.V.

I slammed my head onto my pillow and sighed. It had been a longgggg day.

I was finally moved into my own house after months and months of planning and days of moving my things and some tearful goodbyes from the other boys who still lived in the Sidemen house. It was another few days before Lachlan would be moving in, but no one else knew.

We had decided to keep his moving in a secret just because no one knew about our relationship but I would need his support in the following months because the other big secret I had was that... I was pregnant.

4 months pregnant to be exact and my belly was beginning to show now, so I couldn't keep it a secret for much longer. My moving out would hopefully keep it a secret for a little longer as there was no one around to find out about it, and I wasn't ready to come out just yet.

I was honestly amazed that none of the other boys had figured out that anything was wrong, I had had morning sickness for several weeks but none of them noticed, showing how aware they were of their surroundings.

I reached into my pocket for my phone to call Lachlan and he picked up at once.

"Hey baby boy! How are you? You moved in yet?" I smiled to myself, I hadn't talked to him all day.

"Hey Lachy, I'm fine. The boys have all just left." I sad tiredly, resting my head on my arm. "I'm so goddamn tired though, I can't wait for you to get here."

"I can't wait either, is everything looking okay?" He was obviously concerned for me and my health, he hadn't wanted me to do any heavy moving but I didn't really have any choice if I didn't want to reveal my secrets.

"It's fine Lachy, baby's fine, I'm fine." We hadn't found out the gender yet, my next check up was in a week when Lachlan would be there. He'd be able to see his baby for the first time and hopefully we could find out the gender.

"Good. No one suspected anything?" I laughed.

"Which anything are you referring too?" I had three secrets, big secrets, the first was that I was pregnant, the second that I was gay and Lachlan was my partner and the third which no one but Lachlan and my family knew about, was that I was transgender. I, Vikram Barn, had been born Victoria Barn as a female.

I had had top surgery years ago, pretty much as soon as I had turned 18 and the scars had healed in such a way that they weren't visible unless you were looking for them which most people weren't.

"Everything Vikky." Lachlan was laughing on the other side of the phone.

"No, nothing. They're so oblivious sometimes, honestly."

"Maybe that's a good thing baby, gives you time to think." I shrugged.

"True." I sighed. "I can't wait for you to get here. An empty house is so lonely without anyone here."

"Neither can I but I'll be there soon okay? I love you Vikky."

"I love you too Lachy." With that I hung up the phone and settled in for a few days of loneliness before my boyfriend got there. "I love you too." I whispered into the darkness.


"Vikky!!!" I launched myself up from my bed as fast as my body could carry me and down the stairs to the front door, but I was met half way by my blonde boyfriend who immediately leaned down and kissed me in an impatient kiss that showed me just how much he had missed me.

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