087| Broken Jars

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Since the broken jars
Haven't been fixed
Since the sky turned grey
Hasn't been tricked,

I would walk on the pieces,
Like I used to,
I would look up at the stars,
And call you

Since the beginning, I hasn't realised,
How wonderful it was to get hurt,
Since the ending has come dangerously close,
I hurt myself on purpose

And I brush off the dirt,
And I walk back home,
Where I'll throw the jars
And paint the domes,

And I'll die again
That hazardous oblivious sleep,
And I'll wake again,
With pieces of jars on my feet.

And I'll die againThat hazardous oblivious sleep,And I'll wake again,With pieces of jars on my feet

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It's been really long. Hasn't it?

Anyway, this is a small thing I got tagged in and thought should try it. I don't have any other book to put it in, so I decided this is the perfect place. Also since I've been missing writing in this book, I thought I should write one new poetry for you guys with every tag. What do you say?

So here goes nothing:

I was tagged by QuillAtDusk

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I was tagged by QuillAtDusk

Killed a character:

Gotten a one star review:
Thankfully never, but does not getting votes on Wattpad counts?

Cried over editor notes:
Haha. I haven't cried when no one even read my books, why would I cry over one person's opinion?

Lost NaNoWriMo:
I've never tried to write it so I don't know.

Drunk a whole pot of coffee:
I can barely take a sip of coffee, you're talking about a pot!

Gotten a rejection letter:
I mean... Does losing writing competitions counts as rejection?

Mixed its and it's:
You have no idea how many times. I recently got the gist about it.

Written while at Starbucks:
I've never been to Starbucks... So...

Stayed in pyjamas all day:
It's my midterm breaks right now, I STAY IN MY PYJAMAS ALL THE TIME.

Forgotten a character's name:
Oh boy, more times than I can count.

Obsessed over adding or removing comma:
Not really. I sometimes forget to add comma while writing poetry and sometimes I don't realise I've put it there.

Cried while writing an emotional scene:
I've never really written any emotional scene. But I bet if I would, I'll be laughing my ass off. I'm just not a serious person about emo stuff. But I can get serious about real stuff.

Posted on writer forums:
I'm definitely not trying to get into writing right now, so nope.

Joined a Facebook group of authors:
I am on Facebook but I keep it extremely personal. Only my friends and family are on there and they don't know that I write, so if I'll join one they would be questioning me about it. Plus, I don't think I'll be able to stay online that much on Facebook since I have a real life (on Wattpad).

Deleted an entire chapter:
I have actually. I have deleted a couple (okay, two) poetries of mine because I realized they were very offensive and were a little too.... Bad-worded. I mean... It was a rap poetry, kinda a diss to someone and it was full of swear words.

Lied about being a pantser or plotter:
I have said it before and I'll say it again, I'M A PANTSER!!

Missed a deadline:
Never. I have very OCD type behaviour, although I don't have it, so I like to complete my work in the very time.

Gotten distracted by Facebook:
I hate being on Facebook, so it never distracts me.

Cringed at my old writing:
Um... Sometimes. Not much has changed in my writing. But also it has only been 1 year since I started writing (My one year anniversary was on 21st October).

Been asked "How did you get ideas?"
Yes. People have asked me how I end up getting the ideas behind my poetry and my answer all the time has been, observe. I observe my surroundings and people around me. That's how I get inspired.

Brainstormed in a shower:
Yes and no. I do think a lot in shower but I never think about a book or a character. I'm most probably wondering about my own life in shower.

Talked out loud to a character:
Well, I've this weird thing since I was a kid that I talk to myself. I make up characters in my head and I talk to them. That is why I really like writing dialogues. You would leave me abandoned in a room and I'll just lay there talking to myself about everything.

Lied about reading a classic:
NEVER. I don't lie. Well, maybe I do. But only when the truth hurts someone and... When I'm too chicken to tell the truth. But I've never lied about reading a book. I started reading with children fiction and then I moved to Wattpad. In between I read a couple classics like Wuthering heights.

Obsessed over word count:
Nope. Word count doesn't bother me. But I try to keep a clear cut word count so that the chapters doesn't seem too long or too short.

Pulled an all nighter for writing:
I didn't even pull an all nighter when I was on the verge of failing my test because I didn't study anything. Sleep is too precious for me.

That's it lovelies. Now I tag:


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