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     JAZEON WOKE UP SUDDENLY, HE DREAMED ABOUT ANOTHER MEMORY OF HIM And his family, It was a nice good dream, but it just made him miss the old days more

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     JAZEON WOKE UP SUDDENLY, HE DREAMED ABOUT ANOTHER MEMORY OF HIM And his family, It was a nice good dream, but it just made him miss the old days more. And he didn't need that when he was slowly fitting in to hogwarts now.

He looked outside the window and saw the sun slowly creeping out, And he decided that he should take a walk to the castle with not many students there ans bother him. Don't get him wrong, he likes that he was slowly fitting in, its just that he was getting less more privacy, Unlike before.

He settles down in the Quidditch practicing field, he remembered his first quidditch lesson in hogwarts, He was embarassed by the marauders. Don't ask him how. He grabbed a broom from the side and rode on it. He remembered the words his father told him.

"Balance the broom and yourself, it's the first step to maintain composure."

The sentence his father always repeats to him, and somehow, Jazeon did. He balanced the broom and himself and kept a straight position on the broom.

"You can shift anytime, but not too much, you might fall off your broom. Just shift until you find a comfortable position."

Jazeon shifted randomly but carefully so that he won't fall off. Half the sun has crept out already, and it made Jazeon see a better view to the broom.

"Now if you found your comfortable position, You have to start slowly, then blast on the speed you're comfortable with."

Jazeon kicked off the ground and started slow, then suddenly, he went full speed doing circles and spins around the field. He had a smile on his face, he never did forget the words taught to him about quidditch by his father.

"Now you have to aim before you throw the quaffle, and if you work as seeker, you have to keep a close eye on the snitch."

Jazeon waved his wand as a small muggle toy ball and big muggle toy balls appeared. Being excellent in Charms, he made the muggle toys fly around like Quaffles. You may ask why he did that when he can just grab some Quaffles instead, he wasn't allowed to; He wasn't in a Quidditch team.

And he wanted peace of his own, besides, it was early in the morning, he didn't want disturbing anyone just because he wanted a quaffle to use, they wouldn't say yes anyway.

As Jazeon did a few rounds of play and winning agaisnt particularly noone, he was sweating, it was a big work especially when he was just wearing grey sweatpants and a t-shirt with black blouson jacket. His pale blonde hair remained naturally messy as he just woke up and had the wins mess it up.

As he felt himself smile wholeheartedly for the first time, and it felt good. He only smiled around Regulus, a little to Lily, but mostly to his Grandparents.

"You got skills, Mr Veller." He heard a slight deep voice but it had a tone of happiness and pride. Something familiar. He turned around to find his former Potions teacher and also head of his house. It scared Jazeon seeing someone else fully not aware that this person has been watching him the whole time.

He fell off his broom. . .

He groaned as he pushed both his hands to the flat grass as Horace Slughorn chuckled. He had not yet talked to the man as much as Lily and Regulus had, hell, the only few words he spoke to the professor without any lesson related was, 'Good morning Professor', 'Good Afternoon Professor', 'Good night Professor', 'Yes sir', and 'No sir'.

The most common things people say and answer to professors. Jazeon didn't know how to talk to someone like Slughorn, he haven't improved that big on socialing yet, he wasn't all confident like James Potter and Sirius Black or Regulus and Lily, he wasn't talkative like Lily, he wasn't a Socialing person like Regulus. No, he was far from those things.

"Professor Slughorn!" Jazeon greeted in surprise as he immediately stands up, standing a head taller than the professor. Jazeon could say that Slughorn was a short man, standing around 5 ft, that even Regulus a 2nd year — that was rather tall for his age— stands an inch taller.

"Good morning, Jazeon— can I call you that?" Slughorn spoke. Jazeon nods softly as he pulled the broom down, he luckily fell just 8 feet from the air. He jumps as high as he could and managed to grab the hair of the broom.

"Of course, Sir. Do whatever you like." Jazeon said, trying to be as polite as possible. He returns the broom to the spot where he had taken it, and vanished the balls he used as Quaffles.

"Well anyway— As I was watching you play, Jazeon; I noticed how you are rather trained and skilled at Quidditch. I'm curious, Did someone teach you how to play?" Slughorn asked him, Jazeon bites his bottom lip, he was quite nervous, he hadn't talked to Slughorn more than 5 words.

"Yes, Sir. My father, you may know him— Skeraf Veller— As I was young, he had been training me Quidditch at the starting age of 5 years old. As I grew older, My father continuedly taught me things about quidditch, thats How I believe I have learned." Jazeon told the professor who looked impressed.

A flash of recognation in Slughorn's face appeared at the name "Skeraf Veller", Skeraf had been one of his best students. Slughorn was also impressed at how Jazeon talked, the british accent blending in with a little american, and the way how Jazeon chose the words.

"Ah, Skeraf Veller. Skeraf was one of my best students, he had interest in potions even though he wasn't that good, or though he thought so. If I say myself, he was quite skilled at potions, and you're just like him." Slughorn told Jazeon.

Jazeon blushed at the compliment. It wasn't every day he receives complements. Slughorn has a few things similar to his grandfather, just that Slughorn was strong enough to teach one subject and lead a house of snakes.

"Skeraf was our keeper since 1952, and became captain at 1954. He is a great player at quidditch and even managed to make the highest score in hogwarts Quidditch history." Slughorn told The pale blonde haired boy who looked impressed at his father's achievements that he himself was not even aware of.

"That's great to hear, Sir." Jazeon answered, seemingly lost for words as he looked wildly impressed. Slughorn chuckled as Jazeon reminded him so much of Skeraf.

"I heard our house team is needing a keeper, would you like to be the keeper of House Slytherin Quidditch team?" Slughorn suddenly asked, taking Jazeon in surprise.

Jazeon didn't even know he was good at Quidditch since it has been a long time since he had rode a broom.

"Pardon?" Jazeon asked again, He wanted to make sure it wasn't a miss heard sentence. Slughorn chuckles once more.

"Would you like to be the house's Keeper, Jazeon?" Slughorn spoke again, making Jazeon smile widely.

"Yes! Of course, Yes!— Wait. . . Isn't it not fair, Professor? I didn't even try out like any other students, I don't think its completely fair." Jazeon told him.

Slughorn smiled at the boy's act of fairness. Jazeon had always wanted everything going and being fair.

"I saw you play, Jazeon. I don't think you need a try out. So what do you say?" Slughorn asked again, Jazeon sas hesitant at first but Excitement replaced the look of hesitation.

"Like I said before, Professor. Of course, Yes!"

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