Chapter 1

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What the hell? oh God but that boy can aggreviate me. He knew I was going for the blonde and he just had to get there first. from the glint in his eyes and the smirk he sent my way, I knew he thought he'd won. ha, as if I'd let that happen.

shooting him a smirk of my own, I sauntered up to him and the blonde I was so having before him. They were leaning against the row of lockers that lined most of the hall ways in thus Wretched prison of a school.

"hey there" I said to the small blonde shooting a megawatt smile and completely ignoring the hulking form beside him.

" h-hey" he stutered, momentarily stunned. ha, take that Hunter Williams.

"what about my hey?" he spoke before I could continut. lifting the blondes chin so he was looking up at him. gar! I hated him. oh well, I never loose anyways.

I smiled at the tender looking flesh of his neck and brought my lips down, tracing from the base of his neck up to his ear before whispering to him. "I thought we were talking" I whined. I heard his breath hitch as my breath blew in his ear. shooting a smirk at the angry looking Hunter, I continued my assault on the blonde's neck. my smirk grew even more when the blonde let out a tiny moan. How cute.

He looked behind me and suddenly a smirk appeared on his face. The fuck? how could he be smiling when I was winning.

"Mr. Tompson! sexual harassment in the hallways is prohibited. detention for two weeks!". I immediately pulled away from the blonde at the sound of the principals voice. shit.

"sir, I was just welcoming the new student!" I wailed that would make three different detentions I had for the next two weeks. that fucking jerk.

"I don't care" the principal snapped at me as he led now flushed blonde away. I hissed at his retreating form.

"well Tompson, I guess the blonde is still up for grabs" a warm voice slithered down my spine and I stifled a moan. fuck. I turned on him but he was already walking down the hall way. Damn he had the last word. at least I didn't completely loose.

The bell rang and I trudged to class. I didn't even pay attention till lunch time. I walked into the cafeteria and plumped myself down into a chair next to my best friend.

Troy was the same height as me and as much of a player, only we played different field.

" hey man? what up?" he asked referring to my frown.

"two weeks detention from Mr. Parker" I answered.

"dude, don't you already have like three other detentions for the next two weeks? " Josh, my other best friend asked. I just nodded my head and picked chips from one my female best friends plate.

my string of detentions was becoming a record. not that I was a bad student, I was just naught. And horny. I mean why sit me next to an attractive boy if you don't want me to touch him?

"how'd you get the detention?" Ashley, the only woman, except for my mother, that I could stand asked me.

"was hitting on the new blonde" I answered flippantly, my mind wandering back to this morning. I mean, what the hell with that shiver? its like he was actually touching me? And even if he touched me? I still wouldn't fell anything.

Just then, the subject of my musing walked in. He looked around the cafeteria and when our eyes met, he shot me a smirk before walking off to sit with his biker friends.

"ungh" I sighed in disgust and returned to my - I mean Ashley's- chips.

"you going to the party tonight?" Troy asked. Once again, I just nodded. even if I was in a bad mood, didn't mean I was going to miss a chance a party. especially a Walker party. that boy sure knew how to throw a party. and in more than one way.

"can you give me a lift Kyran?" Ashley asked. she usually hung out with me after school and was one of the few people who have ever really seen me outside this shirty place.

"sure babe" I answered. she sent me a megawatt smile but before she could reply the bell rang.

We all said our goodbyes and started for our different classes. For the rest of the day, I didn't pay attention in class. when the last bell rang, I shot out of my chair and down the hallway to my locker where Ash was waiting. I gave a small smile before depositing all the unwanted junk in my bag in my locker and walking out to the parking lott.

as I entered my car I saw hu ter walk out of the school building, the blonde walking beside him and smiling up at him. As if he could feel me looking at him, he turned to me and smirked. that fucking arsehole.

For some reason the sight of them two together pissed me off to the end of the universe and I didn't know why. maybe because he stole my catch. yeah that's why. He stole my little blonde. fucktard.

I hissed at him before getting in the car and tearing out of the parking lott.

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