Chapter 3

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   Once I arrived at Kiba's, most everyone had shown up already. I walked to the kitchen where everyone had gathered. Everyone greeted me with a hello as I was handed a cup of punch. Joining into the conversation, I listened in. "That guy was just so rude!" I hear Sakura say. "I swear I'll beat him to a pulp! Believe it! I just need to keep training!"

Wondering what Naruto and Sakura were talking about I lean over towards Hinata to ask about the commotion. "Oh, N-Naruto and his team along with K-Konohamaru and his friends ran into some ninja from another village. And from their d-description they seemed to be full of themselves." Nodding my head in understanding, I took a sip of my punch and continued to listen to others comments.

"Oh come on Naruto, you know if anyone has the chance of beating some one like that, it'd be me." Kiba boasted. After his comment everyone divided into their own conversations.

Feeling slightly lonely I look around to see if there was anyone I could speak to. "Hey (y/n), wanna play a game of shogi with me?" I turned my head to see Shikamaru sitting by himself at the table. I nod my head yes and take a seat.

"You sure don't talk much, huh?" I look up from our game of shogi and see Shikamaru staring at me quizzically. "I don't have much to say. Nothing good anyways." I moved one of my pieces, it was Shikamaru's turn now. He looks away from me as he asks his next question.

"Where did you come from when you moved here?" The question took me back a bit. No one has really asked me these kinds of questions before and I'd rather not let someone know what I suffer. Feeling anxiety creeping up from my chest, feeling as though it was swallowing me, I could hardly breathe but I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Maybe the conversation wouldn't go that far. "The sand village." Came my short reply. "Are you alright? You seem nervous." Of course Shikamaru would notice my uneasiness. "No, everything's fine. I'm just not used to being surrounded by so many people for so long." I let a small smile come across my face for a short moment to reassure him. "Seems reasonable." Shikamaru replied.

   In seeing my uneasiness, Shikamaru dropped his questions and we silently played the game of shogi to occupy our time. "You know, I don't live far from you." I looked up quickly towards him as he spoke, my eyes widening. "I hear what goes on. I hear your father-" "Stop." I say quickly to keep him quiet.

   Just what I need. Some one worrying about me. I've come this far, I can handle myself. Not to mention Shikamaru isn't one to put him in these types of situations, you know, where you actually have to care about something and do things. What's his interest all of a sudden? "It's nothing to worry about, everything's alright." I say calmly, keeping my nerves down. "(Y/n) you know it's not, I can't stand around and do nothing knowing that something terrible is happening to a friend."

   My eyes widened. The closest I would think anyone would consider me is acquaintance, but he called me his friend..? Does everyone here consider me a friend?

   Overwhelmed I stood up calmly, not to draw attention. That's what I've been avoiding ever since I moved here. Attention. The thing that ruined my image in the sand village because everyone knew. The thing that made people afraid and stay away from me. Although it wasn't my fault was it? It was my families. They're the ones who made me so alone. They made everyone leave me alone. It made me lonely.

   "I should get going. Just to let you know, everything's alright and you shouldn't worry. You win." I finish off pointing to the shogi board. I quickly and quietly leave.
Slowly making my way through town I stop by a ramen shop and eat there, using what little money I made by working for the old lady that lives next to me. "Aren't you (l/n) (y/n)?" I tap on my shoulder as they ask their question. I turn my head and look at them in confusion. "Yes." I answer quickly. The lady looked at me forlornly. "Have you been home sweetheart?" I shook my head no. "Oh honey, we thought you just ran away, you may want to hurry home to hear what happened from the anbu, please be safe." I jumped up quickly and ran home, I cared about them all, but my father, even if they didn't seem to care about me. I just wish they did.

In arriving home, I see anbu surrounding my house. I slowly make my way towards the place of havoc. Fearing what I was going to see, I push my way through the Anbu, making my identity aware to them.

Seeing my mother on the floor, her face badly bruised, I run towards her. Her lifeless eyes seemed to stare into my own. Tearing up, I shake her and begin to tremble. Hearing rustling coming from beside me, out of the bathroom, the one I had just used today, Anbu are carrying the lifeless body of my sister outside. My heart felt as though it had stopped, my breathing becoming irregular. I felt like I was suffocating all over again. My body shaking worse than before, I couldn't stop it. Although they never seemed to love me, I wish they had because its all I've ever wanted other than being able to see Gaara, my first and only friend, again.

Everything was not alright.

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