Passages and New Discoveries

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"The light changed

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"The light changed. What does that mean? Does it mean anything??"

She snatched the bag from his hands, "it's an alarm that emits a frequency to all drones within the area. Right now, it's commanding them to inspect a malfunction. Remove your clothing and toss them aside."

His head swiveled in every direction and he peered back at the smooth, circular, slanted wall they originally entered through. He pulled off his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans. They easily slipped down his legs and crashed to the floor as he awkwardly removed his shoes with his feet.

Unzipping the bag, she forcefully jammed the plush teddy inside. It crumpled and shifted, legs sticking out as she pushed it back inside. Closing the zipper, she handed him the bag. "Put it on and take good care of it."

"Okay," he chewed on his lower lip, while nervously inserting his arms through the straps. "But shouldn't we be running away?"

With a tight hold on his shoulder, she turned him around. A rustling sound came from behind. The gun suddenly appeared next to him. His head snapped to her and he stared in confusion.

"Wear it," she tapped his shoulder with it, refusing to look into his eyes. Her finger pressed the insignia on the bag and the invisibility function was activated.

He gazed down at the gun in confusion. It no longer covered all of his forearm, there was a two inch gap now between it and his elbow. That's weird. Did it get smaller? Didn't notice that when we were at the swamp. Syrqnä startled him out of his thoughts.

"Activate the invisibility function on your suit. Run. Wait for me outside and remain close to the wall. Avoid bumping or crashing into any Kraälst."

"Why? Why can't we leave together? What are you going to do?"

"Do as you're told! Get out of here!" Her voice echoed loudly within the factory.

Startled by her yelling and red glowing stare, he stumbled back. One of his feet gave way and he slipped, crashing against the onyx floor. The cans and bottles in his bag shifted and dug into his backside. His eyes widened when she stepped forwards.

Her arm shot towards the collar of his suit. He flinched. She lifted him up with ease, settling him gently on the floor. He swayed momentarily as he regained his balance.

"GO!" She turned her back to him and approached the base where the toy had been held captive.

His hand rapidly pressed the insignia on his chest four times until invisibility was activated. He twisted around and ran. An explosion boomed behind him. Something ricocheted against his bag and another painfully bit into his left leg. Halting on his tracks, he turned to where Syrqnä was.

Crouched on the floor and with a fist slammed against the floor, she leaned in front of what remained of the base. The onyx floor beneath it fractured in several places. Cracked pieces of the pedestal's silver base laid strewn all around her and scattered about throughout the factory.

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