Factory of the Forgotten

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When I say 'run', just run and keep running.

"Okay." Benjamin's voice quivered.

The plasma balls were barrelling towards them. His heart thudded in his ears. The Eaters began walking to where they stood.


He awkwardly tumbled forwards and ran towards the trees. Breathing heavily, he momentarily stumbled and caught himself. Behind him, he could hear the swooshing sounds of Syrqnä sprinting on the mud. Four blasts rang around him. When he turned around, he saw her speedily charging one of the Eaters to his right. The Eater to his left, paused and lifted his gun in his direction.

She slid in front of him, crouched and punched the gun upwards. A plasma ball shot into the sky.

What are you doing? KEEP RUNNING!

"I can help!" He said as he lifted his gun and pointed at the Eater in front of her.

It titled its head, eyeing his arm with either curiosity or confusion. The face was expressionless and gave away no emotions. Benjamin pressed the second button function. Syrqnä's eyes widened and rapidly moved away from him, leaving a trail of light behind her.

The roaring stream of plasma shot at the ground near the Eater's feet, pushing it back. Arms flailing momentarily, it sunk its feet into the mud. Pieces of mud and ground burst in different directions. It lifted its hand to press the insignia, but before it could activate a shield wall, the array pointed straight into its torso. As Benjamin held it in place, the other Eaters turned to him and activated their shield walls. Syrqnä ran behind them in a flash of light. Their heads jerked forward in a series of sequences.

Flares expanded from the Eater he aimed at. Its body briefly twitched. A massive explosion and electrical crackling emanated from it. Chunks of suit and flesh shot all around. Slimy fluid attached to the pieces extended and crashed to the ground with loud plopping sounds. All that remained was a large puddle radiating outwards from where it stood.

He twisted his body around and continued running. More blasts, explosions and cracking sounds echoed around him. His legs burned as his feet fought for purchase against the soft ground. Exhaustion was taking hold as he ran around various trees.

Heat rose in his cheeks and a throbbing sensation began to pound against his temples. Sweat stung his eyes and blurred his vision. Panting heavily, he struggled to keep momentum and lost control of his legs. Stumbling forwards, he fell and slid across the ground. Something was running towards him. The sound grew louder and louder as he sluggishly turned to his side. His heart thumped loudly within his head and crashed repeatedly against his chest.

Slowly lifting his gun, he blinked away the sweat and mud obscuring his sight. A brown shadowy figure began to take form. The brown jacket, pants and boots came into focus, along with her bright green eyes and red hair.


One of her arms had its forearm missing. A faint light covered its jagged end and almost imperceptibly shifted as if it were fluid. She kneeled down and picked him up with her other arm. Throwing him over her shoulder, she zigzagged around the trees.

After a few miles, she set him down. "They don't know you have a suit under your clothing. Use the invisibility function. If they catch up to us, they won't immediately notice you. If they do, they would have to switch from their primary visual functions to search for your specific frequency. I'll use that to my advantage."

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