The Corridors and Doors Within

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He stood in the middle of his street and stared into the distance. Molten lava peeked through the top of a funnel-shaped volcano that dominated a nearby island. The brightly lit red substance slightly bulged out for a brief moment then receded under the opening.

When he looked down, he noticed the street was only a partial segment and a nearby house was facing the opposite direction. It was his house, but it was somewhat different. He was on another small island surrounded by an ocean.

Large jagged rocks made a circular outline around the island's border. The large rocks lined up the edge of the street and created a barrier from a lake that took up a large portion of the small island. Schools of fish swam underneath the clear water and occasionally broke the surface with quick jumps in the air. They created large splashing waves when they dove back in.

His eyes followed the circular shape of the lake. At the far end he noticed a familiar looking man. The man pointed in the direction of the volcano. Soundlessly mouthing words, his arm jerked back and forth as he desperately tried to tell Benjamin something.

The lava began to seep out and slowly tumbled over the side of the volcano. When it finally reached the ocean water, a plume of steam violently rose from their interaction. Benjamin quickly looked at his house. He turned back and he saw the man shaking his head. His arms swayed and crossed repeatedly.

A jellyfish tentacle extended and sent the man into the raging ocean waters. Realization dawned on him that it had emerged from within himself. He was the jellyfish. Booming sounds reverberated all around him. Roaring waves crashed against the border. Their foamy tops shattered into many small droplets before tumbling back to gain momentum again. The lava was approaching and the turbulent ocean began to boil.

He ran around the rocky edge and opened the entrance door. Instead of a hallway that led into a living room, he stood in front of a closet. Other than a few coats hanging from a pole inside, the space was bare. He closed the door and retreated to the back wall. Water crept in and slowly came into contact with his shoes. A sizzling sound, followed by searing pain.

Suddenly, he noticed the Kraälst door had appeared on the side wall. He was trapped and needed to escape. It wouldn't open though. The door wouldn't open no matter how hard he tried and more water kept creeping in. He screamed as he rigorously jostled the golden handle.

His shoulders were being shaken. This was strange, since there wasn't anybody in the closet with him.

"Benjamin!" Syrqnä yelled. "Wake up!"

Her blurry figure began to take form as his eyes attempted gain focus. She stood over him staring back with a distorted feature. Spherical, crystalline looking objects stuck out from patches of skin and areas that had a thick translucent coat. Parts of her face glitched and remained stuck in awkward regions. It was an asymmetrical mess.

He gasped and nervously jumped back. Startled at the abrupt surprise that came from sight before him, he cowered against the wall. "Don't eat me!"

One of her thin eyebrows raised and remained stuck. Slightly vibrating up and down until it began to change into small shards. "That's disgusting. I don't even have a mouth or a stomach. What am I going to do? Consume you like some sort of primitive blob creature?"

"Then what's wrong with your face? It's doing even weirder things than last time!"

"I was laying down right across from you," she pointed to a makeshift bed made out of various rags. "Trying to regain energy. That was until you started screaming bloody murder in your sleep and forced me to get up. I don't have much energy left to maintain a human appearance. My core can't produce the required heat, so a rigidity begins to take place as my internal temperature lowers."

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