The Edge of Kraälst Ta'ark

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Monsters that eat humans. Syrqnä's words echoed within his mind.


The speedy ticking of the clocks seemed to amplify while he sat on the floor and stared at his dirty shoes. No longer slimy, nor gray, the mud on them had turned into a ghostly white color. There was still a subtle moldy scent that emanated from it.

Tiny fractures had begun to form on the chalky caked mud that bulkily covered the laces. He slowly slid his right foot. Its sole gently scraped against the floors rough and uneven surface. Cracks quickly spread throughout the shoe. Pieces flaked off and turned to small dust particles before they'd hit the floor.

His breathing quickened, drowning out the loud cacophonous sounds of the clocks that had previously been vibrating in his ears. It sounded like his heart had relocated to his head and was violently thumping against his eardrums.

"I wanna go home," he repeatedly muttered the words under his breath. Each time they grew more desperate than the last.

He quickly rose to his feet and unsteadily balanced himself. His eyes wildly searched around the room. There was nothing near the clocks. Several items laid on the far corner of the room with some multicolored cloths underneath a couple of bags. One of the bags under the pile looked similar to a hiker's backpack.

There had to be something that would tell him where to find the cellar door. He gazed at the scribbled writing on the wall. When he approached them, he realized they weren't scribbles at all, but a myriad of beautifully detailed symbols. They were no bigger than half a centimeter and surrounded the larger equations on the center.

It seemed there were two different languages written amongst many smaller groups of formulas. One set contained dots, circles and lines. Simple shapes arranged to create complex symbols. The other set was entirely different and only consisted of lines where a few of them had flatter ends. He ran his finger over a segment and accidentally destroyed a section that belonged to one of the formulas.

Three lines faded and disappeared with a gentle caress

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Three lines faded and disappeared with a gentle caress. His breath hitched when he noticed it. He quickly looked at the door, expecting Syrqnä to walk in at that very moment and catch him red handed. After motionlessly staring at it for a few seconds, he closed his eyes and released a loud puff of air as relief washed over him.

On the edge of the wall there was a rectangle that contained more formulas and what seemed to be a drawing of two doors. A three-dimensional rendition of a circle had been drawn between them with two X's on it. One X marked the farther end with another positioned underneath it. As fascinating as it all was, it still offered him no clues as to how to find the cellar door.

His eyes continued to scan the wall. It was all confusing and overly complicated. Hundreds of dots that varied in size had many lines connecting each of them. One particular one caught his attention. A few years ago, he would gaze into the night sky with his father and learned about several different constellations.

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