Chapter 8

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(Ruby's POV)

"Hello," I say, answering the phone without even looking to see who it is.

"Guess who!" a voice squeals back at me.

"Hmm... Let me see." I pause for a second, hearing her giggling on the other end. "Hey, Jas."

"Hi, Ruby," she sings. "How is my best friend in the whole wide world?"

I shake my head and smile at her antics. "Just tell me, Jasmine."

"Yay! Okay, so, you remember that guy I told you about?" That girl certainly doesn't wait a minute.

"The one in your European History class?" I ask as I open the kitchen cupboard.


"The one from the mall?" I close the cupboard before turning to the refrigerator and opening that too. No, nothing there either. Seems like I have some grocery shopping to do.

"Who?" She pauses. "Oh, him. No!"

"The one from the gym?"

"Yes!" she squeals once more.

"What about him?" I ask, now climbing the stairs to get my coat.

"He asked me out!"

I smile, delighted that my best friend has finally got herself a date, and judging by the sounds of it, a very hot date. "That's great, Jas. I'm so happy for you. When is he taking you out?"

"Aww, thanks, sweetie. He's actually picking me up in a few minutes. He's taking me out to lunch. I just rang to see how you're doing. Things have been so busy with uni lately and I feel terrible for not talking to you in so long."

"Jas, we spoke like four days ago."

"Yeah, I know, but only for like two minutes. Anyway, how are you doing?" I can hear rummaging on the other end of the line, no doubt she's still getting ready to head out.

"I'm fine. A bit tired, but other than that I'm grand," I tell her as I grab my purse from my closet.

"That's good. How are things going with Ryan?"

"Great! He actually started back playing football yesterday."

"I assume he got his Quarterback position back," she says, a smile evident in her voice.

"Of course he did."

"That's fantastic! Hang on a second." I slowly hobble down the stairs as I wait for my friend to return. "Rubs, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to love you and leave you because my date has just arrived."

"No problem. Have fun."

"I will. I'll call you when I get back so we can have a proper chat, and I can fill you in on all the details. Toodles!"

"Bye, Jas," I giggle.


I push the shopping cart towards the checkout. I can't wait to get home. The whole drive here, I couldn't shake the feeling that someone was following me. I know it's probably me just being paranoid. I'm sure paranoia is just a pregnancy thing. I mea-


"Oh, my God! I'm so sorry!" I gasp, as I accidentally walk my shopping cart into a guy. I look up at him, he looks around my age. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, don't worry about. I'm fine," he replies, his eyes immediately travelling down to my swollen stomach. I see something flash across his eyes but completely ignore it. I'm used to people's reactions towards my pregnancy.

"I'm really sorry. I wasn't minding where I was going," I tell him. I'm so embarrassed. I can't believe I walked into someone. Stupid pregnancy paranoia!

"It's fine, Ru- I mean, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine thanks."

"Cool," he says, before rushing out of the store.

I shrug off his abrupt departure and continue towards the checkout.

After putting the groceries into the trunk, I glance around the parking lot, convinced that there's someone watching me. I mentally slap myself for acting so ridiculous and climb into the jeep. I put the car in gear and make my way home, glancing in the rear view mirror every few seconds.

As soon as the automatic gates at the end of my driveway close, I let out a deep breath. I don't think I've ever been such a nervous wreck. I grab the bags of groceries and carry them inside. I set them down on the kitchen table and quickly put all the groceries away, before making my way into the living room and sinking onto the couch. Within seconds I'm asleep.

(Chris's POV)

She's pregnant! I can't believe it. This is to good to be true!

When I followed her to the grocery store earlier, I watched her getting out of the car. I thought I was seeing things when I seen her stomach. I followed her into the store to confirm that she was in fact pregnant, but I didn't expect to actually run into her. I'll have to be more careful.

I tapped on the little icon on the top right hand corner of my computer screen. I smiled when the application opened up and saw the small flashing red dot in the centre of the screen.

The tracking device on Ruby's car is working better than I expected.


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