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Song of chapter: I took a pill in Ibiza (SeeB remix) — Mike Posner



"Stop right there!" I broke apart from Zack and immediately turned my head, I suppressed a groan, and sunk into my seat

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"Stop right there!" I broke apart from Zack and immediately turned my head, I suppressed a groan, and sunk into my seat. "Were you or were you not about to kiss my little sister?" Jack said

I got out of the car, making sure to hit Jack. "Thanks Zack! I'll see you tomorrow in school" I said, and started dragging Jack.

"You better watch out, Make another move and—" I put my hand over Jack's mouth, trying to hold on my crutch at the same time, Zack drove away quickly, "Coward!!" Jack yelled, after successfully removing my hand.

We walked in our house and I immediately smacked my older brother. "Was that necessary?" I asked.

"That punk was about to kiss you!" Jack exclaimed and I rolled my eyes.

"Woah woah, what guy!?" Cody, my other equally as annoying older brother said, "Am I killing someone soon?" He added

"Shut up guys!" I said.

"So who was that?" Jack asked, sitting on my left.

"And was that your first date?" Cody asked, sitting on my right, oh God, I'm in the middle of a jackass sandwich.

"Zack, a...friend, and no! It was our second." I replied, switching the channels on the TV.

"Your second!?" They both asked simultaneously, I groaned and nodded.

"I'm literally 17! Let me have a boyfriend for God's sake!" I said, they both rolled their eyes.

"How do you know he's not a fuck-boy?" Jack asked

"You're literally the biggest two fuck-boys in all Los Angeles!" I stated, Cody rolled his eyes again, "yeah keep rolling your eyes, maybe one day you'll actually find a brain back there!" I said

"Oh shut up!" Cody said

"Carry me up to my room please" I ordered Jack, who immediately scoffed and flipped me off.

"Come on, please? I'm tired and my leg hurts and you interrupted me and you're the most annoying brother and please please please Jack I cannot possibly—"

"OKAY FINE JUST SHUT UP!" Jack said, I smirked victoriously and he carried me bridal style, Cody just laughed his ass out.

Jack was the middle child, with the age of 19, and Cody was the eldest, with the age of 21.

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