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Unless of course, you are Diana. Poor stupid Diana who made the mistake of saying that Mr. Beautiful was attractive to one of my friends, a friend that turned around and told me every word you spoke. Poor Diana who didn't realize who I was or how far I would go to prove that I deserved my place. Little Diana, who discovered quickly that I was not just kind and sweet. I was also cruel and vicious. 

I could walk into your classroom while the teacher steps out to use the restroom, stand behind you, stroking your hair as I built up the moment before I destroyed you. 

"Hello Diana, do you know why I'm here?"

If you had seen it coming you didn't let on. 

"No" you replied flatly.

When I pulled your hair back causing your neck to expose itself to me and your eyes to catch mine, I thought I saw a flicker of defiance there. 

"You've been talking about Mr. Beautiful," I almost sang these words to you. Do you remember?

Did you see the fire burning in my soul when you looked at me? Was it clear to you what I was going to do? When I asked you if you said the things I'd heard you say, did you consider lying to me? You told me the truth and I respected that. I felt your desire to be strong, it slithered off of your flesh so ripe and pure. 

You wouldn't allow yourself to be my victim...but, you were my victim. Poor thing. "I just said he was cute. So what?" you spat.

"So what?...heh, you must know that I can't have you talking about him to other people. They might get the wrong idea.." I let my voice trail off. I stroke your hair so softly and so gently that you might have thought I was being kind. I was. I was being kind. 

"You don't need to be threatened by me. I ain't trying to steal your man!"

"Steal my man? Please. I am not threatened by you." my words roll off my tongue like poison. Threatened. Poor stupid Diana to think that I could ever be threatened by you. You were nothing like me, just a pawn like everyone else. A means to end. You were...

"So what is this about?" you asked me through gritted teeth

"This" I pulled your head back so her eyes are facing mine. "Is to remind you that what belongs to me is OFF limits!" With those words, I pulled you off your chair and you fell down to the ground. 

We fought in a strange dance, it was exhilarating. 

...exhilarating. You sweet Diana inspired me. You knew you couldn't beat me but you tried. I admired you for that. It excited me more than it should have. You were passionate and a part of me didn't want to see that fire in your eyes burn out.

My adrenaline rose as you grabbed a hold of my hoodie and pulled it over my face. Well played dear Diana. The brief moment of suffocation threw me off balance enough for you to get just out of my arms reach. 

"Are you satisfied?" You asked between gasps for air.

My lovely Diana, you hadn't realized how important it was for me to win so when my leg went out and kicked you in your face you hadn't seen it coming. Blood poured from your mouth. The red dripping from your lip. Shock filled your face. 

Your hand went to touch the tip of your lip and you saw the blood on your fingers and watched as the drips fell onto your clothing and littered the ground beneath you. I was laughing now. I won, precious Diana. I won but I was so impressed by you. 'Maybe, we can be friends' I thought to myself. 

"Heh, now I am. Remember your place and enjoy the rest of your day!" I sang as I stood up and prepared to leave the room.

Your face filled with confusion and rage. You knew you lost and you hated me. I'd win you back. I'm the good cop after all. Everyone loves me. You did too you just didn't know it yet. I strolled out of the classroom with my crew as the teacher was coming back. 

"What are you doing here?" she asked. 

"I was giving my friend something she needed," I responded. It was totally true. She needed her ass whooped. 

"Well run along and get to class." 

"Yes, ma'am" I semi saluted. You got to be respectful to your elders after all, and off we went. Laughing down the hall to our own classroom. 

There was a part of me that was reinvigorated. I would be seeing you again my sweet Diana. I will change your world and you will thank me for it. You just didn't know it yet. That's OK, I'm patient after all. 

Evil the devil has a good day. 


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