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I know it's Friday and I have the next chapter written, I'm just not sure whether I should add more to it or not before I publish.

Anyway, the new update will be coming soon. But please help me decide on what book I should write next!

It's National Novel Writing Month and I think I might to try to do the challenge:

Is anyone else planning on participating?

But I'm not sure which book I should write:

The Art Thief's Guide to Freedom


Loving Time

Synopsis' of the two books are below but may be subject to change.

The Art's Thief's Guide to Freedom

Nico Stravos had it all. The expensive car, the one-of-a-kind penthouse, the bottom-less bank account.

Life was perfect. Or as perfect as a notorious and allusive art thief's life could be. Nico wouldn't have it any other way.

Well. Until her partner-in-crime (pun intended) and fellow art thief Pablo Ramirez decides he has had enough of splitting profits and prompted betrays her during a high stakes burglary.

And just like that, with the bang of a gavel and the clang of a cell door, everything that Nico has worked so hard for is ripped away from her.

With only the blank, concrete walls of her prison cell to comfort her, Nico plots her revenge against the man who betrayed her.

That is, until she is offered a unique position. One outside of prison and back into society. All she does it have to solve one crime and renounce her pilfering way.

Sounds easy, right?

Well, maybe for someone who hasn't been a cat burglar her whole life.


Agent Will Patterson has always been a free-willed, easy going man who has never really grown up.

Sure, he can shoot a gun and he carries a badge, but his odd predilection for practical jokes, tricks and pranks always overshadows his ability as an agent.

So when his best-friend and fellow agent, Jack Rhodes assigns him a new partner, Will thinks Jack is just retaliating for all those years of torment.

He doesn't believe that strict, law-abiding, arrests-people-for-jay-walking Jack Rhodes has given him a partner who comes outfitted with handcuffs and a tracking anklet.

But when famous paintings starts to go missing all over Washington D.C., Will and Nico must join forces to find the perpetrator before he or she strikes again.


Loving Time:

They say that Time waits for no man.

Which is a lie.

Because at the current moment, Time was about six dry martinis deep and had the sneaking suspicion she was being stood up for the 52nd time by the man of her dreams.

No, seriously: the man of her actual dreams. She had been dreaming about him for a while. Everyday for the past year.

Destiny convinced her that she needed to pursue this man— their meeting was written in the stars—  or so to speak.

And everything was going great.

Wait, no. That was a lie.

Everything was going terribly, terribly wrong.

You see, Time would love to mosey on up to said man of her dreams, introduce herself as the immortal in control of all past, present, and future, and fall deeply, madly in love.

Except she couldn't.

Because she didn't exist.

Let's be more specific: Time doesn't exist outside of one's mind. She's relative— flexible— an illusion. They really weren't kidding when they called Time a theoretical construct of human imagination.

But to know the fully story, it's better to go back to the beginning.

The very beginning. . .


Since the beginning of—well—Time, there have been rules of the universe. And no matter how powerful, immortal beings exist to preserve humanity. No matter how much they screw up. . .

Anyway, Time has her own set of rules she has to comply with. She must manifest in a form based on the perspective of the human she appears to.

Let's put it this way: every person has a specific idea of what Time should be. What she should look like— sound like— talk like.

She has never had control over herself.

Furthermore, she can only turn back time so many times until there are drastic consequences.

Get it— Time?

Anyway, this means outside of humanity, Time isn't real.

Which would be fine and dandy if the man of her dreams was normal. Then she could take the form he preferred and sail off into the sunset.

But no matter how hard she tries, this guy fails to see her for who she is. . .

Mainly because he's blind.

Now Time has to find out this man's perception of time before she can make him fall in love with her.

And she'd better hurry, because Time is running out. . .


Which one should I try to write this month?

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