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Annabelle's first day wasn't as bad as she thought. Yes, there were some stares and a few whistles, but overall it was great.

She met Cindy, a yearbook photographer, whom she met while putting her books in her new locker. Cindy saw her first and quickly took a picture of her peaking out behind the locker door. At first, she was shy being in front of the camera, but soon realized that was just a harmless girl.

Cindy said with her beauty, it'd be great to have her on the first page. Cindy wasn't like Annabelle; she was very kind, but would definitely beat someone up if she didn't like what they did or said. Annabelle was very kind, positive, and could never hurt a fly even if she wanted to.

She also explored her favorite place of school; the library. The library was much bigger than her old school's and she was grateful for that. She got to read two new books in her free period.

Now, of course, Frank, her boyfriend, showed her around for a few minutes but ditched her because he didn't want to be too late for class. For most of the time, she had to explore for herself, which only led her to miss her first class because she got lost.

The teacher understood, but warned her for it to never happen again.

Right now, she was out with Frank and some of his friends at a diner near school. They sat there in the corner booth of the diner. Annabelle had Frank's red varsity jacket on as he had his one arm wrapped around her shoulders. There were no other people in there besides them.

All of a sudden, a group of rowdy teenage boys came strolling into the diner. A boy with combed back dirty blonde hair and blue eyes came sliding across the front counter, his friends taking up the seats that were in front of him. Frank and his friends continued talking about themselves, not acknowledging the other group.

Immediately, Annabelle was intrigued. She knew they were trouble, but she watched for their next move.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Frank looked down to his attractive girlfriend.

She blinked two times and looked up at him. "Oh, it's nothing."

He looked at where her eyes were and scowled. He snapped his fingers once and got the attention of his friends real fast. He nodded to the troublemakers and they caught on.

"Those damn greasers are back." Frank spit out. Obviously, the greasers and the jocks weren't very fond of each other.

The guy lit his cigarette and jumped down from the counter. He walked over to the juke box and popped in a coin, playing Elvis Presley.

Reaching into his back pocket, he pulled out a black comb, combing it through his shiny hair.

Feeling eyes on him, he turned to Annabelle and winked, then he turned to Frank and smirked.

The athletes got out of their seats, Frank dragging Annabelle along with him. "I don't want you to ever talk to those guys,"


"Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in." Frank commented, his friends and him stepping in front of the greasers.

Annabelle furrowed her eyebrows and looked between them, confused.

Ignoring him, the guy focused on Annabelle. "The names James. What might be yours, doll?" He smirked and held his hand out.

Annabelle was going to kindly connect her hand with his, but Frank stopped it with his own. "Annabelle doesn't have any time for your shit, Dean," he said. "Now, why don't you run along with your wet rags."

Annabelle made a small gasp, surprised at how different Frank is acting.

The greasers were about to go at him, but James held them back. "Who the hell gives a rat's ass about what this mutt has to say?"

Frank pushed James at the front of his shoulders. James put out his cigarette and left it in the ashtray. He jumped down from the counter. Annabelle tried to hold onto Frank's arm, but he pulled it back, roughly.

Noticing the action, James said, "You better watch how you treat your girl." He held Frank by the collar.

Frank's hands went to James' collar. "I can treat my girl however I want."

"You could, but you aren't doing it right."

"Like you know how to treat a girl right."

Everyone's heads were butted together, trying to get at each other's throats, and Annabelle really didn't want to be present during all of this, so she left. She left the diner, not wanting to witness her boyfriend's horrible side.

Still in Frank's football jacket, she walked in the chilly autumn air. Stepping on the damp leaves sticking onto the wet road, a tear slid down her cheek.

She never knew Frank could be that cruel, even if he said a few insults. They had met sometime in the summer on the beach.

I guess they never really knew each other as well as they had thought they did.


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There is more to come!—m

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