Burning of Fanfics

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Loxo: *blocking the closet* Nooooo!!! Show mercy!!!

Step aside Loxo...

Loxo: *shaking his head* NEVER!!!

Ricochet: *eating popcorn*


Voodoo: *tackles Loxo and pins him to the ground*

Loxo: Nooooooo!!!!!!

*looks at the lock* ...Bishop would you mind?

Bishop:  *somehow unlocks the door*

*opens the door* Alright, let's get this over w- *gets crushed by a bunch of fanfics*

Dusk: *startled by the noise the falling fanfics made* Alpha... are you ok??

Lemondrop: *removes a few fanfics* Classy?

*sits up* Since when was I ever okay? *looks at the fanfics* ...This is gonna be fun...

Loxo: We can talk about this!!!!

Not a chance. Silence. Bishop. Help me put this in a pile.

Silence: *grabs a stack of fanfics*

Bishop: *also grabs some fanfics*

Hey Bishop, get a match for me will you? I think I have one stored in my tail

Bishop: Okie-dokie! *Disappears into Bloody's tail*

Ricochet: You have matches in your tail.... Isn't that a fire hazard?

No, my fur is fire resistant. The scientists tried building me into this indestructible wolf since I was the top to tolerate most injections they've done with me. Before they could move to doing things physical tests on me, I broke out and.... *shrugs* Rather not say the rest.

Ricochet: Wow.

Dusk: *looks up at Bloody in amazement*

Bishop: *returns with a match* There was that one time you stepped on piece of broken glass....

It was sharp.... and dug pretty deep between my paw pad...

Lemondrop: Like that time when you recieved splinters from getting Loxo out of the log.

Loxo: Stooooop mentioning that!!!!

Bishop: *smirks* I have a video of it..

Loxo: Noooooooo!!!!

Voodoo: This is tiering.... *sits on Loxo* better

Loxo: VOODOO!!!!

Silence: Voodoo... Is that chair talking?

Voodoo: Mmm...nope. Just your imagination

Silence: Oh... Okay! 

Okay! The fanfics are in a pile and we have a match. For the moment of truth.

Dusk: *chanting* Fire fire fire fire fire fire fire

Ricochet: Jeez, Pyromaniac much?

Lemondrop: Dear oh dear...


Bishop: *rolls eyes* as if you don't have copies saved online

Loxo: But you have TWO fanfics saved online!!!!

*looks over at Bishop* You do?

Bishop: Um...no? I don't know what he is talking about, that wolf is full of fries... I mean lies.

*gives Bishop the side glance* Sure...alright. *lights the match and flicks it onto the fanfics which burst into flames* ...well that was quick

Loxo: NOOOOOOO!!!!!

Voodoo: The fire actually looks beautiful.

Yup... the flames flicker and wave as they dance on top of the ashes of the fanfics.

Ricochet: It's like the fanfics are telling a final story...

Silence: R.I.P Loxo's ship fics

Bishop: a burnin love

Voodoo: Such wonderful color the fire has.

Yup... but it can't top the glimmering shine in Lemondrops eyes when she looks upon the moon

Voodoo: .... *holds up a 9*

Lemondrop: *blushing profusely* That comment wasn't necessary!!!!!

Dusk: Bloody need's a map because he's lost in your eyes...

Bishop: Bloody I think he just flirted for you...

I don't need a map for that. I need a map to get to her heart.

Lemondrop: *blushing intensifies*

Voodoo: *adds in a 1 in front of the 9*

Ricochet: Awww

*looks over at the camera* I still got it

Bishop: I know I suck but I kinda wanna try

Sorry twin, but only one of us can have the skills

Bishop: : I used to be a Gambler, but then I realized that all I needed was the Queen of my Heart

Silence: You're still a Gambler....

Bishop: Shut up.

That wasn't effective.

Loxo: Actually!!! Say that to Callie and it may work!!!  Even though Marie is the one to lean in with the flirting skills!! Callie is likely into personality like the one Bishop ha- AAAAASSS OWWWWW!!!!!

Voodoo: *pulling on his ears with his teeth*

....*looks at everyone* How the fck does he know sht like this?

Dusk: You... don't wanna know.

Bishop: eh... I'll get better someday... Right now I'm just brain dead

Don't worry. I will teach you the ways. As soon as I'm done being salty about that one time....sinner.

Loxo: Alex is easily flustered like Lemondrop so even a simple pickup line from Rose will have him- OW!!! OWOWOWOWOW!!!

Voodoo: *pulling on his ears more* Stop talking!!!!

Again...how does he know all this sht?

Bishop: Because it's Loxo.

Oh yeah...

Loxo: Is no one questioning how good Rose is at giving relationship advice and flirtatious, but not have an ACTUAL MA- OOOOWWWWW!!!! MY EAARRRS!!!!

Ricochet: No, because all they wanna do is blow everyone's minds.

*gives a sly smile before turning back into a frown* Alright. This should be enough for today. Ricochet, go ahead with the outro.

Ricochet:  *salutes* Aye aye Cap'n Fluffy! That's it for that dare, please leave us more asks or dares in the comments. Don't be shy, we will accept any asks or dare you have.. au revoir!

Did you just-

Lemondrop: Ummm.... You guys!! The fire!!!!

Oh sht, Bishop get the fire extinguisher!!!!!

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