34: Dillon

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Walking through the quad the grass was crisp but he couldn't hear any other sounds. His face stung with the cool morning, smelt of fall but it was so quiet. His feet carried him faster through the silent void towards the row building. With his heart racing he couldn’t remember why he was there, what was he doing in this dark building? His bedroom was elsewhere, he knew that, no one stayed in these buildings, they couldn't keep the heat. They used this place to... As the thought dawned on him her voice cut through the silence and stung his ears. The loudness of it, the pain in the sound. It was as though she were screaming in his own mind. It called his feet to move faster, running down the damp chilly corridor seeking the source in every room. But each door he opened was only filled with echoes.

Dillon opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out, the screaming bellowing over his own voice. He ran and ran until his heart was pounding from anxiety. They're hurting her. He thought, her voice burning in his ears. They're hurting her and it's my fault. The guilt pulled at his appendages, like running through mud. At the end of the corridor a solid steel door was open a crack, the scream booming from the room.

Touching the door, he pulled it open, the weight of it sapping his strength as he looked inside. He could see himself standing in front of her, a knife in his own hand twisting it in the flesh of the girl, a face he couldn't make out from the ghoulish mouth propped open screaming. His whole mind filled with pain until a soft burst of air filled him and a sting throbbed from his neck. Her mouth closed, her body dropping limply against the wall as he touched his neck and felt the dart in his skin.

In a blink she was gone from the room, but he could feel her breath on his neck, lips barely parted and the smell of her hair. His body began to slide to the floor, the smell of her filling the room until his face met the cold cement. The other him stood staring, the knife dangling playfully from his fingers, blood dripping generously down the blade. He could still hear her breathing against his neck, still feel her behind him.

Her lips were ice cold as she leaned against him, her words barely a whisper in his ear.

Thank you.”

Dillon quickly awoke in the room, the sheets tangled around him with sweat dripping from his brow. It wasn't the first nightmare he'd had since returning to the college, but their frequency left him shivering in his sheets. Wasn't just a dream... he told himself, but rubbing the sweat from his face he felt no less comforted by the thought.

He was slow to dress, Dillon taking the time to stare past his window in to the quad where the college had come to quite life. The children were coming back from breakfast, and the various people who made up their community hurried along to their daily duties. Every one had their purpose and the longer he watched them scurry about the more helpless he felt.

It's not your fault.The self affirmation had become hallow in the past few days. But he didn't want to wallow in self indulgent pity this morning, he had other plans. Pulling on pants and a shirt he tugged a sweater over his shoulders an left his room and bed in the mess it'd been for days now.

The dining hall was nearly empty when he got there and it was clear why. The voices of the council members were muddled but loud as a clearly heated argument couldn't be contained to their upstairs space. As he ate oatmeal with honey he could pick out the occaisal voice that was more familiar. Finn was up there, but his volume was emotionless and controlled. Magda Herbert was always heard, whether wanted or not, and the shrill of her words seemed to break through the walls with clarity. Twice he thought he heard his name but couldn't be sure. But it was Helena's voice that shocked him the most, her normally straight and emotionless tones reaching new heights of tension and conviction. Whatever they were arguing she was passionate and concerned, that much he could tell.

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