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''Wake up everyone! It's breakfast at the great hall in ten minutes!'' Cho's voice laced with charm speak rang into the ears of the sleepy demigods. They slowly got up, well, all except Percy. He slept soundly in his bed, his mind at absolute peace. ''Percy! WAKE UP!'' Cho tried again, but he only rolled over, facing away. 

''Why doesn't it work? She's using her charmspeak.'' Draco asked as he brushed his teeth. 

''Maybe because he's the god of all. Besides, it doesn't effect gods who don't have a love interest towards the speaker...'' Hermione explained, but when she finished, all the demigods turned to Hannah who was in the middle of making her bed. They grinned evilly and pushed Hannah towards Percy. 

''Kiss him and tell him to wake up and that if he doesn't, he won't get any kisses for a week. That'll teach him a lesson, and it'll be good blackmail material if we capture his reaction.'' Cho smiled in a sinister way, held Hannah's shoulders firmly and made her lean towards Percy's face. Hannah squeaked, but finally gave up and kissed Percy on the nose. 

''Percy, if you don't wake up, I-I-I... I won't ki-kiss you for a w-week.'' She stuttered out. Percy's reaction was priceless. He jumped out of bed with a look of disbelief, his eyes bulging from his sockets. 

''I'M UP! I'M UP!'' Percy landed on the ground to find his siblings laughing hysterically on the ground, with Draco holding his wand against his head, pulling out a silvery strand of what looked like a piece of hair. Hermione held out a small tub of water and waved her wand. Draco dropped the strand of hair into the tub and the water turned ink black. The demigods dipped their faces into the water and a few seconds later started laughing hysterically again. Hannah's face contorted into one filled with embarrassment and hid her face behind her hands. 

''Guys, this is really funny, but we need to get going. Breakfast's going to start.'' Luna said, wiping a tear from her eyes. 

''What was so funny?'' Percy said, rubbing his eyes with tiredness. 

''Oh, you don't need to be worried brother dear. Just a bit of a comedic episode from someone in the family.'' Hermione explained and ran into the bathroom to change. The other girls did the same and soon came out wearing their robes. Hermione wearing red, Cho, Luna and Hannah wearing blue neckties with their house crest. Cho waved her wand and all of the girl's hair brushed itself and put some light makeup on them. Matching their skin colour precisely. Percy, Draco and Neville also changed, Percy wearing blue, Draco wearing green and Neville wearing red neckties and a house crest. Draco pouted, being the odd one out. 

''I have to have classes all alone...'' He frowned, but Neville draped an arm around his shoulder.

''That should be fine because I heard that since there aren't many year eights, we'll all be together in our classes. There are only like, fifteen from each house left this year.''

''Yassss!!'' Draco dabbed, only to get Percy's sword right next to his neck, and the sounds of the rest hurling. 

''Draco, I swear on the river Styx that if you ever do that again, your head will drop on the floor.'' He threatened and Draco nodded calmly, looking at the glint in Percy's eyes and the pure shine of Percy's sword. 

''Gods! That was so cringy! Draco!!'' Hermione yelled, rubbing her arms which had goosebumps. 

''Haha! My bad.'' Draco ran in the direction of the door and jumped out, only to stop abruptly as he came face to face with a thousand students. The students silenced, and all looked at Draco, and then tried to look inside. The girls all fainted when they saw Percy, and the boys fainted when they saw Hannah. The godlings laughed nervously and stepped over the bodies, and made their way to the great hall, after making sure the doors to the room of requirement closed. 

Rumours spread like Chinese whispers, saying what they thought to be true, though none were based on facts. Draco sat on the Slytherin table who avoided him like the plague, sitting at least two metres away from him. Draco shrugged and dug into the food. Neville and Hermione were swarmed by Gryffindors who asked questions nonstop. Thankfully there were enough of the demigods on the Ravenclaw table, that they could have a decent conversation without intervention, and the Eagles knew better than to ask stupid questions. They would find out eventually, and last night's discovery about Greek gods had been enough to occupy their minds. 

A few minutes later, a few hundred owls flew in, and they all pecked on Percy's and Hermione's head, a good morning to their patron goddess' daughter and their king. They gave the students their letters and postage, but what caught everyone's eyes was when a thin long package suddenly appeared in front of Percy. He groaned as it squashed his blue cupcake, but waved his wand, and the cupcake was back to its original state, even refilling the previous bites which Percy took. He unwrapped the package to see a broomstick which was scarlet red. The broom was shaped like fire, with it gradually becoming yellowy orange as it came to the centre of the broom. The stick was ruby red and it shined, polished really well. At the handle, in gold handwriting, it read: McShizzle Extreme. 

''Haha! Leo!'' Percy and the others smiled as Harry and the other Quidditch players looked at the broom with jealousy. The broom was amazing, flying at speeds so fast that the rider must be an amazing player. The broom was extremely expensive and was very rare in the wizarding world. 

''So I guess you'll be joining Quidditch tryouts then Percy?'' Neville asked, putting an arm on his brother's shoulder. 

''Yeah, won't you?''

''Well, it didn't really match with my character's persona. I may try out this year though. You Hermione?''

''Oh definitely!''

''Huh? Hermione, I thought you hated flying.''Harry asked once he had stopped admiring the broom.

''Yep, another thing I hid from you guys. I love flying! I often flew in the forbidden forest with Luna!''

''Didn't the centaurs stop you?'' Ron asked from Harry's side. 

''Oh no. They are basically Percy's cousins. Well, mine as well, since centaurs were bred by Poseidon, and Poseidon's my great uncle, and Percy's father, so yeah, they're related to us. Highly knowledgeable, just like Chiron.'' 

''Hannah? How about you? Will you do quidditch?''

''Oh no. I don't think it will be... wise, for me to go away from the ground.'' Hannah chose her words carefully. Percy snapped his fingers and the broomstick disappeared. The students gasped. 

''What? Classes are starting. Come on Hannah, let's go.''

''What do we have first?''

''Urm, Herbology.''

''Yes!'' Neville and Hannah exclaimed. They were the children of the earth goddess and the agricultural goddess, they were naturals in the subject. 

''Well? Let's get going then.'' The demigods walked to the Herbology classroom, well, the greenhouse and the rest of the school scuttled after them. 


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