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Distance shouting can be heard with a few crashes.

....I think that answers your question

Bishop: might want to get the leash.....

Voodoo has it co-

Voodoo: *being pulled by Dusk* THIS LEASH IDEA ISN'T HELPING!!!

Loxo: *trying to help Voodoo* DUSK CALM DOOOWWWWNNNN!!!

*sighs* Let go of the leash.

Voodoo: *lets go and tumbles forward* Ow!

Dusk: *giggling like a maniac*

*grabs Dusks leash and yanks him back*

Dusk: *falls backwards before getting up and jumping up and down* 

Silence: Arceus, he's hyper...

Let's all just hope his blindfold doesn't get loose.

Lemondrop: Let's not jinx it either...

Voodoo: *rocking back and forth* He... he's a strong little feller... *falls back down* I'm just gonna relax here...

Loxo: *shakes his head* Now I see why it's bad to give him candy!!

Ricochet: So we all agree to ban Dusk from holidays that have candy... Right?

We HAD the agreement already... Bishop when does this usually fade?

Bishop: In about 2 hours...

Lemondrop: *looking at some dares* But it seems like we have a few dares to will we be able to do them?

Silence: Easy.... *Picks up the hyper child and places him in a cage*

Voodoo: *looks at Silence in confusion* How in the name of the holy white wolf did you do that when you two are about the same height?

Silence: He is suprisingly light.... It's kind of concerning to be completely honest. 

Dusk: I am not light. *yawns*

Voodoo: *looking at Dusk* Maybe we should just have them rest there for a few chapters. Good idea?

Dusk: No let me out ! *trying to get out of the cage.

Ricochet: *looks at everyone* should we?

Hm...only for the next chapter. To be sure the sugar has eased from his system.

Lemondrop: That sounds safe. I'm sorry Dusk, but it's for the best. It is only for one chapter.

Dusk: Alright, but can I at least have something to do?

Loxo: *drops a notebook and a pencil* Write fanfics!!!! Eight days have passed!!

*groans* Arceus damn it Loxo...

Bishop: Loxo...why..

Dusk: Um... No thanks....

Loxo: Awwwww.....

Voodoo: *whispers to the camera* I'm now curious if Loxo ships Alpha Bloods for the heck of it or he actually has good reasons in why he ships....

Lemondrop: Well... I think that's all for this ask...?

Yeah... Dusk, do the outro.

Dusk: That's all for that ask... Leave some more asks or dares in the comments , and looks like I'm gonna be stuck here for a bit... Bye bye!

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