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For the next few days, Liam wordlessly escorted Seren to the cabin in the morning and back home at night, the only sounds between them were the faint scuffing of their paws on the ground and their breaths. Eyes stole secret glances across the fence cutting through the dirt. The nights she slept there, she had no doubt that he waited outside for most of the evening hours until he was sure she was not returning and then he was patiently waiting outside in the morning.

What she had not noticed, however, was that each day she unconsciously closed the distance between them as they traveled until she walked directly on the other side of the fence, so close that he could easily reach over and grab her if he were to take his skin form. It was as though some invisible thread was taught between them, slowly growing shorter and drawing her toward him like a moth to a flame. That was an ironic thought, considering the heat inside of her nearly burned through her willpower to remain steadfast in her plan to avoid him. Though she would vehemently deny it, his presence comforted her and she even felt safe in his giant shadow. No Gray Paw could touch her when he was beside her, nor any leering, drunk pack member with a knife that may come stumbling through the area unexpectedly. 

However, along with that protection came the intense desire to touch him, to see how it would feel to be in his aura, unencumbered by the barrier of wood and wire. She could sense that he was growing more and more irritated with the fence between them, though he had not said anything to her since she denied to give him what he wanted. 

At least she hadn't rejected him. Yet

Seren felt her stomach churn with butterflies when she saw the massive ebony wolf waiting for her as he had for the past week, almost scowling. As she closed the distance between them, his pupils would enlarge as his lungs filled with air that carried her scent. She could not know that he was fighting a raging battle within himself not to shred the damn fence and carry her off. But, his stormy mentation seemed to brighten when he saw her bounding toward him and made her nerves all the more on edge.

Though in her fur form, she was technically a predatory animal, she felt like prey to this male who looked at her with blatant hunger. Her instincts screamed that he would pounce at any moment.

Today, his statuesque demeanor nearly made her laugh and she moved closer, closer than she had before. White-tipped snout inched nearer and nearer to his as she leaned over the fence, a grin tugging at the corners of her mouth. Her heart thudded with adrenaline- she didn't know where this sudden and foolish bout of bravery had come from, but she was going to use it while it was there.

She could smell his warm, sweet breath and it nearly pulled her in. She wanted to feel that spark ignite when they touched, but knew it would be too dangerous. Seren looked into his eyes, seeing that they had darkened considerably and were looking down at her in both surprise and interest. Here, she was showing interest in him.

Suddenly, she leapt backwards and play bowed, spreading her front legs apart, snapping her jaws at him as her fluffy tail flipped back and forth. She hopped to the side and back again, laughing at him and he glared down at her, his lips pulling back over his teeth. He was not amused. 

Why don't you come over here and do that? His deep voice asked in her head, making her stop and shiver. 

In return, and only because the spurt of energy she had was not yet expended, she sprinted around in a circle, tucking her butt under like a fool as if to say, "Why don't you just make me?" She watch him stand and growl at her, his anger rolling over her and trying to subdue her with his dominance, but what could he really do? He couldn't touch her and they both knew it. Boy, he did not like being taunted. Any pack member who would dare to defy him and mock him would be on their back with their throat in his teeth.

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