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•||Ch16: I Will||•

•||Ch16: I Will||•

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||Zain POV||

I looked at mom and dad and silently prayed for them to agree with us. “Well, I don't know what to say,” Mom said still in shocked. She looked at dad and dad looked at her then both looked at us.

“We are not against Sania. Since our first meeting I fond of her and really wanted to make her my daughter in law but I didn't knew until now that my son already make her my daughter in law,” Mom said with a laugh.

I sighed in relief and relaxed. Mom stood up and came near Sania. Sania looked a little scared but when mom pulled her in a hug she relaxed.

“Welcome to our family!”

“If you both told us early we will have accept you both that time but it's okay. I know you were scared.” Mom said after pulling away from the hug and gave Sania a smile.

Dad stood up and motioned me to follow him. I followed him to his study room. He sat on his seat and I sat across him. “There is something more. What is it?” He asked.

I sighed and told him about Sania’s father. “And I already talked with the D.S.P. I am also going with them to her village and going to buy the whole village.” I said clenching my fists.

Dad nodded his head and asked, “Do you love her?” I looked at him with a smile and my mind drifted off towards Sania. “Yeah! I do love her.” I whispered.

Dad smiled and stood up. I also stood up and we both went out of his study. When we entered in the living hall mom was asking Sania a question which made her blush. “When I will my little grandkids?”

Mirha giggled and said, “Aww.. Bhabhi don't shy!” I sat beside mom and wrapped my arm around her, kissed her cheek. “Thank you for understanding us.” She patted my cheeks and whispered, “How can I reject her when I know my son loves her.”

Sania looked beetroot red which made mom and Mirha laughed at her. Mom opened her other arm for Sania. Sania came and sat beside mom. Mom wrapped one arm around Sania and one around me.

“Bless both of you!” Mom whispered. On the dinning table everyone was happy and Sania was also laughing and smiling.


We all were now heading to Sania village. Sania also insisted to come with me and I didn't have any heart to deny her but I made her promise me that she will stick with me.

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