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Her breaths quickened another time when he rested his hands on her bare shoulders and gently pulled her against his chest, his minty breaths tickled her nape, she drew a sharp breath when his finger danced over silk material clung with her body. Ishita senses betrayed her in those moments and she fell over her husband chest, earlier she wanted to apologies  by meeting her eyes with him but now she felt herself loosing for him. Her husband torturous fingers knocked down her senses.

He freed her hairs from high tied bun and trailed a finger through her nape to shoulder.


"What is all this arrangement baby?"

" was....."

"Speak up baby"
His raspy voice echoed in her ears which almost erupted goosebumps over her body. Ishita can't belive it's still years and the man had ability to make dance her senses on his tunes.

And no wonder why she is pregnant for third time.

"I want to say.....I want to...." Ishita soft moans vanished in thick air when her husband planted wet kiss over her nape.

"Hmm... I'm listening. Tell me what do you wanted to tell me." she drew another sharp breath to stop her crazy hormones which again betrayed her and her lips parted with his assaults when he  slightly bit over her neck.


 Raman Bhalla know everything about each and every member of his family, inside out especially his wife. His very innocent minx and her ways. Whether she is with him or away  from him but Raman is aware with her every ways. When he stepped in dark apartment his senses alerted him about something fishy going to happen with him, next he checked his stuffs which were missed from the usual place. Raman took slow steps towards his old room and his doubt confirmed seeing the door ajar and his wife blabbering something inaudible in front of vanity mirror sexily clad in knee length lacy nightwear.  

And Raman Bhalla calculated and concluded from beginning to end and he knew what he had to do next.

"Speak up baby...." Raman seductively whispered another time and caressed his wife bare shoulders.

"Raman I.....I..."


"Raman woh.....mujhe kehna hai ki.." Ishita steadied her breaths after the mini romantic assaults her husband did on her.  
(Raman I wanted to say that...)

"Bolo bolo....vaise mujhse milne ke liye tumne sabki permission toh li haina?" Ishita took aback hearing the sudden change of voice of her husband. She tried to search the old emotions back in her husband eyes but they were cold like old days. "Aur yeh sab arrangements? Yeh sab se pooch ke toh kiye hai na tumne?"
( the way you took permission from your family members before arranging everything? And ya you arranged everything after taking your consent haina?)

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