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Waking up to see the sun was hard when all Keira could feel was the dark night before. Closing the bind of the motel window, she stopped to think for a second. Where will she go next? She couldn't stay in this town as Coen knew she was there. What if her clan was already making their way to find her?

But then again, even if she wanted to, she couldn't go to cities or somewhere far from here, as she had no familiarity with it nor could she teleport like other witches. And she didn't have any passport she could use to travel like normal humans either. So she couldn't help but decide to walk around the near towns in Tennessee and if any one of them made her feel safe, she will take refuge in there.

Changing and showering in a quick time, she signed out of the motel with her luggage in her hands. But this time she took precaution so that no one could recognize her. She already went to a shop near the motel to buy a hair dye and now that she took in the reflection in one of the shop windows, she had a sudden urge to laugh.

Black with a hint of red short hair gazed back at her.

She was dressed in a black sleeved top with washed-up jeans, her face hidden with a scarf around her neck, a big ray bun in her eyes. She was thankful to have some cash with her, which was a courtesy to her friend, Gemma. She missed her friend terribly but she held it in and started walking towards her new life. She comforted herself thinking she had to do it if she wanted to save everyone from herself.

After three days and walking aimlessly around the two towns she finally stopped.

No, it wasn't exhaustion or fear that made her stop. It was the small shop in front of her that made her curious to enter the familiar world she was born into.

"Hello dear, welcome to the Rune. How may I help you?" Asked a woman who looked like not more than in her late forty's. Her dark skin glazed in the sunlight coming from the window. She had beautiful ebony curly hair in a braid with a matching necklace around her neck. But what called her to Keira most was her mismatched eyes. One look at them and she could see the hundred years of knowledge calling her in. Keira must've been standing there for quite a time because the woman drew her attention by clearing her throat, standing behind the counter looking at Keira impatiently.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I need a place to stay for a while. I'm from the Red clan." Giving the woman a somewhat awkward smile, she replied politely. She tried to tuck her hair behind her ear as a habit when she stopped thinking about her new short hair.

"I knew it. You are one of us. There's this powerful aura around you is telling me that you are quite... dangerous." The unnamed woman parted her lips to speak calmly but her face seemed to frown with uncertainty. Gulping Keira looked around the herb shop and her eyes found the reason she was there.

A new life, new memories.

" not dangerous. I don't even know a spell." Keira shuttered seeing the woman's eyes widen. There was a small notice on the shop counter, that this shop gives learning lessons on witchcraft and Keira knew she needed it badly.

If she was willing to learn, the woman had to help her, right?

"But how could that be possible? You are one of us. Everyone knows spells." The woman seemed to be more confused by the minutes passed by. But Keira didn't blame her. It was that confusing.

"My parents are dead. They didn't want me to learn spells. So I never did. But now I know how life is not easy when everyone around me has powers and I don't. So I really need your help. Please help me." She blatantly lied on the woman's face. Well...not all of them were lies. She did have problems her whole life when she had to act like a human instead of a witch as she didn't know any spells.

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