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Arnav closed the door behind his back and turned around to see Khushi standing in the middle of the room, her back facing him.

Arnav walked towards Khushi and placed a hand on her shoulder making her turn towards him. Khushi turned around and hugged Arnav tightly. Arnav stayed still in surprise at the sudden hug. Recovering from the impact, Arnav wrapped his arms around Khushi's petite figure bringing her close to him, feeling her presence around him.

A soft sob escaped Khushi's lips as Arnav hugged her. She clutched his vest tight around her fingers trying to assure herself that her husband was back home, safe.

"Khushi!" Arnav called out huskily hearing her sobs. He tried breaking the hug to no avail.

"Shh! Khushi, don't cry. Please." Arnav tried consoling Khushi helplessly.

"I.. I had thought.. I lost.. you!" Khushi managed to speak between her hiccups.

"It's alright. We are fine, Khushi. Absolutely safe." Arnav formed soothing circles on her back striving hard to stop her tears.

Khushi said nothing but stayed in Arnav's arms assuring herself again and again about his presence. Arnav stood with Khushi in his arms and murmured sweet nothings into her ears, calming down her panic by notches.

Making sure Khushi had stopped crying, Arnav broke the hug slowly and cupped Khushi's cheeks, wiping off the tear marks with the pad of his thumbs. "Go and freshen up, Khushi."

Khushi followed his words without a word. She was a little lost in herself. Maybe, Arnav was right. She needed to freshen up. A hot shower will be good.

Arnav looked around their room and tue slightest of smile broke through his lips. He never had thought that he will ever feel so good to be back to the room. His tired self slumped down on the green recliner. He rested his head on the recliner and closed his eyes in satisfaction. The soft velvet acted as a light reliever to his stiff body.

He closed his eyes and replayed the events of the entire day. How the day had started with his fear of his life coming to an end with painful burns on his body turning it into his fear of losing his Khushi followed by the ugly truth and throwing that vile man out.

What would he have done if something would have happened to his Khushi?

Even the thought was enough to make him shudder in fear. Arnav jerked open his, now, red eyes and he looked around the room. His gaze finally settled on the cordless phone lying on the bedside table.

He sprang to his feet and took hold of the cordless. He dialled one of the few numbers he knew so well.

"Hello, Aman!" Arnav started as soon as his call got connected.

"ASR!" Aman's surprised reply gave an idea to Arnav that he hadn't checked the caller.

"Aman, I need you to hear me absolute clear." Arnav started in a stern voice. "At the foremost, get a doctor's appointment on Khushi's name. The earliest you can."

"Bhabhi's name?" Aman started confused. "Is Bhabhi fine?"

"Hmm, yeah. But I need her checked by a doctor. Once you get an appointment, order two iPhones for Khushi and me." Arnav explained.

"Two mobiles? Where did your mobiles go?" Aman asked curiously confused.

"What the! Why are you so interested in knowing?" Arnav asked a little irritated.

"Sorry!" Aman mumbled scared. "And meet me tomorrow in the office."

"What the!" Arnav turned back startled hearing Khushi's voice. Khushi stood at the door of washroom glaring at Arnav.

"Aman, I'll call you later. Complete the tasks till then." Arnav said and dropped the call.


"Shut up, Laad Governor. You have just got home a few moments back and you want to go to office tomorrow!? Hey Devi Maiyaa, why do you have to be so careless about yourself?"


"What but? Why can't you just rest for once, Arnav-ji? You were kidnapped, for heaven's sake. And here you are talking to Aman-ji and also telling him about meeting you tomorrow in the office." Khushi said tiredly. She pointed her index finger towards him and tried threatening him, "You are not going anywhere. Get that?"

Arnav bit back his smile looking at the cute form Khushi portrayed. "Hawww! You are smiling. Laad Governor! Am I reciting some joke?"

"No! I am not smiling." Arnav said turning impassive.

"You are not going anywhere, promise?" Khushi asked.

Arnav chuckled and promised, "I won't go to the office, tomorrow, okay? But, we are going out.. to the doctor."

"Doctor? Why?" Khushi panicked hearing of the doctor. Khushi ran her hands over his face and arms inspecting him for any major injuries and continued, "Are you hurt? Where are you hurt, Arnav-ji?"

"No, Khushi! Relax. I am not hurt. But you are." Arnav replied calmly.

"I am? No, Arnav-ji. I ain't hurt." Khushi said stubbornly.

Arnav didn't say anything but leaned forward and let his fingers slip between her hair. He touched lightly at the place he had felt her wound. Khushi gasped as she felt a jolt of pain pass through her body.

"You are hurt." Arnav stated sternly. He softened and continued, "So, you are getting checked by a doctor."

Khushi sulked at the idea of seeing a doctor and said, "Only if you get yourself checked too. You are hurt, too. Deal?"

"I'm rubbing myself on you." Arnav smirked and forwarded his hand, "Deal!"


Okay, this is a pretty short update, I know. Not even a thousand words. But I am sorry, I couldn't help it. I was busy with the Diwali works but I wanted to update. So here it is. I hope you like it.

Happy Diwali!

And according to Gujarati calendar, tomorrow is our New Year, so..

Happy New Year!

Stay blessed!
Have fun!

Thank you!
Kiddo ❤

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