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"Big boys neighborhood" big boy says into the microphone

"I'm here with the big baller brand and some of their friends," he says as he introduces us

"Hello lavar I'm going to need u to talk today don't hold ur tongue," he says jokingly

"Yeah I'm definitely not going to hold my tongue and I'm not going to hold back today" Lavar plays along

"Hello Gelo and Melo" he says as he greets the boys

He pointed at me and said "And you're Jaylynn and you're Mariah" he says like he knows us really well

He talked to Gelo and Melo about how much they grew in the last year

Like with every interview they ask lavar about the plan and asked the boys about their time in Lithuania

They asked what went on over there and where the mainly focused on basketball

He asked Melo "you got a car yet"

Melo simply nodded his head yes

Give it back you should be doing a ride share program with Gelo

We all laughed and widely grin

He directed his attention back on lavar and gelo

They asked about who's better at basketball between Melo, Gelo, Zo, or Lavar

They argued about who won the last time they both played one on one

We all just laughed and dove back into the conversation on how Lavar pulled Melo out of school and put him into the jba

"Aye man you know what my father used to say" big boy says

"I know what he used to tell you, he used to tell you can you shut the hell up you talking too much" Lavar said

They go back and forth and just continue the joke as Lavar kept egging him on

"Melo and you too Gelo how does it feel to grow up with your dad in the same house, like when you can hear your dads voice"

Gelo opened his mouth to say something but just burst out in laughter and so did everyone else

"Melo what does that feel like to have a dad. Like you know when you can hear his voice every day"

"I-I can't even answer because I always had him, like you you ain't never had a dad"

We all just laugh and I playfully hit Melo's chest

We all paused as we heard Lavar phone ringing "let me take this call it's about business" he said as he got up and left

Big boy jumped at the fact he now has an opportunity to ask all of us different question since lavar is no longer in the room

"Okay so jay you had a fight yesterday tell me about it"

"so I've been feuding with this girl named Ashy Aveeno or something like that since I came to Cali with Melo, she was all big and bold over the phone and Twitter but she couldn't back it up in real life," I said as I shrugged my shoulders

"I haven't seen you in while Mariah, I haven't seen you since you and Gelo we're together how are you and him right now"

She got up and hugged Gelo from behind and said "he's forever my bestfriend and teddy bear"

But she also whispered in Gelo's ear before she giggled, grinned, and ran back to her seat "and my daddy"

Big boy talks to Riah and Gelo about their current relationship status and how would the other feel if either one of them got into a relationship

As they talked about that I was bugging Melo about how hungry I am "Mel I'm hungry" I groaned as I lay down on his lap

"Jay as soon as this is over we can go get food. okay?"

"Okay," I said as I pulled his head down as I kissed him

"I should be asking what's y'all relationship status not yours," he says as he looked at us kissing

Me and Melo just laughed and I told him "we're just friends and we're both single"

Everyone in the room just looked so confused

"Y'all are just friends?" Big boy says in confusion

"I'm telling y'all, Y'all look like y'all are ready to have a baby and have been married for two years" Riah laughs out

"Let's get off the topic of relationships. What types of cars do Y'all drive?"

Riah starts off tell him what car we drive "I drive a Polaris Slingshot and a Range Rover truck"

Then Gelo followed along "I drive a Ferrari"

Then it got to me "I drive a Lamborghini and BMW"

Then it got to Melo "I drive a Lamborghini and BMW, Then Zo drives a Jeep J-Wagon and a Demon"

He laughed and said "did y'all not hear me, I said the cars we drive not the cars you want"

I laughed and said "we heard you those are the cars we drive"

He takes off his headphones and just walks away and he said "how the hell are a bunch of sixteen and eighteen-year-olds doing better than me, I'm like three times their age"

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