riddhima is back+announcement+hatred pt 2

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just then they heard another voice. a male voice which had shock in it.

voice: aadhira, munni? mr oberoi?

aadhira and munni looked up at om who was shocked then they both turned to see who the voice belonged to.

aadhira: vir...viren....bh...a....bhai, you?

riddhima: now this drama gets interesting.

viren went up to them and said angrily: I can't believe this. the man you two despise is the man you two are hugging. 

aadhira: he isn't as bad as we thought. papa was.....

viren interrupting: 'papa'? you are calling this man 'papa'?

aadhira: look, munni is here. she is small. please can we talk about this somewhere else where munni isn't here? please. look, munni is really scared. papa, do you agree with me?

viren: stop calling him 'papa'. did he ever fulfil his duties as a dad? no right. then he doesn't deserve to be called 'papa'.

om: look viren, I agree that I never fulfilled my duties as a dad but I am trying my best to change. 

viren: you had 13 years!

om: you gave me one month and a month isn't over yet. also if you want to talk to aadhira regarding this matter then do it some place else when munni isn't present. munni is scared at the moment so please take her to buamaa and then talk to aadhira,

viren looked at him dangerously and simply: fine mr oberoi!

he grabs aadhira's wrist and munni holds aadhira's hand tight as they went. aadhira and munni looked back at om mouthing sorry. om mouthed 'it's okay'.

they went to where buamaa was and viren said: buadadi, please may you look after munni for a while? mum is busy helping people so please.

buamaa: sure also I need a favour. can you two go home and get the two big boxes of fairy lights? please.

viren: yeah sure.

buamaa: thank you. here are the keys.

viren and aadhira went from there. as they walked to the house, the silence was killing aadhira. as soon as they entered the house, aadhira knew she had to speak.

aadhira: you gave him one month right? then why are you making it so difficult for him to win back mama?

viren didn't reply and went into the living room where the boxes were.

aadhira: kuch toh bolo.

viren picked up one box and he was still silent.

aadhira: viren, he is not at all as bad as we thought!

viren looked at her with his dangerous eyes and finally words came out of his mouth: he is! aadhira, I don't know what magic he has done to you and munni but I am not stupid! I can never forgive him for every time.

aadhira: viren, let it go. he was like this only because of his childhood.

viren left the room annoyed. 

aadhira to herself: hatred has completely washed over him. papa has to win over him before he becomes completely stone hearted.

viren from the hallway: ARE YOU COMING OR NOT?

aadhira: yes coming.

she picked up the box and went with viren outside the house and coming back to the party.


back at the party:

riddhima: chalo at least when we get married, there will be no need to think of kids. thank you god for making me infertile. anyway mr handsome, so when are the marriage preparations going to start?

om: first of all stop flirting with me and second of all, what marriage preparations?

riddhima: you didn't hear. 

om shook his head confused. 

riddhima: then tonight will be a such big surprise for you.

voice: riddhima?

riddhima and om turned to see gauri, in a beautiful embroidered georgette anarkali maroon suit and her long hair was straight and glossy, shocked. by her side was advay dressed in a black suit.

gauri: you here?

riddhima: you see I was invited to Barielly by omki's family. anyway you have changed a lot villager!

before om could say something, advay said: don't call her a villager. at least unlike you, she, at least, managed to become something in least than a few weeks.

riddhima: and who are you?

advay: advay and you.

riddhima: I'm riddhima, soon to be om's fiancé.

om: what?

riddhima: picture abhi baaki hai meri omki.

gauri felt like puking listening to riddhima calling om 'omki'. riddhima looked at advay and something came into her mind.

riddhima's POV:

why do I feel like this advay person has some wrong intention? this will be interesting. I need to find a quiet place with just advay and then I will find out what is his intention. 

riddhima's POV ends.

she smirks as she saw dadi standing up on stage and signalling her and om to come. she drags om leaving advay and gauri alone.

precap: part 3

so what will dadi be saying?

will riddhima and advay team up?

will viren ever accept om?

most importantly will gauri and om ever become rikara?

guys, I was not happy with the last chapter's responses. it really hurts me to see how you all  have stopped liking this book.

anyway target: 35+ votes and 8+ comments.

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