Hi, I'm emotionally traumatised, and you?

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This book shows my appreciation for the game, the manga and the anime.

It will contain all sorts of community-made content (except for NSFW-content). So you can expect this book to include a lot of memes and YouTube videos, but also fanart and reviews (for example of fanfiction).

Angels of Death is one of my favourite stories and I still think about it. So I just wanted to create a small space in the internet where the community can interact with each other. (Especially since the subreddit has never been alive to begin with.)
Also, I want all the creators on other platforms to get some more attention for their work (I will provide a source for all content).

First, enjoy this screenshot of the anime:

(It's the current cover, but it may be changed in the future

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(It's the current cover, but it may be changed in the future.)

After the hype caused by the anime was over, less memes and stuff were created, so it's difficult to make new chapters.
I will try to come up with my own creative ideas and if you have suggestions or wishes, leave them in the comments below.


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