Spectrum Analyzers- Types, Functioning and Usage

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In the electronic field, the spectrum analyzer is an indispensable electronic device used mainly for communication sector. The spectrum analyzer (SA) measures the exactness of the input signal. It helps in displaying the magnitude of the signal (unknown or known signals) versus frequency in a specified frequency range of a specified instrument used in the network. The working of an SA includes the splitting of an input signal into frequency and amplitude. The spectrum analyzer includes the spectral composition of optical waveform, power, acoustic, and electric.

 The spectrum analyzer includes the spectral composition of optical waveform, power, acoustic, and electric

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Functioning & basic usage of spectrum analyzer-

►Spectrum Analyzer analyzes the frequency of the assigned spectrum of a network.

►To provide the disturbance-free network, the position of the marker is controlled by the SA just to know the peak point of the signal. It further indicates the true value of power.

►Bandwidth is another important component of the network. It is used as a filter of resolution of the given range of signals. It is used to measure the displacement in frequency.

►Amplitude also plays an important role in the signal. It is used to determine the highest point of a signal strength.

Types of spectrum analyzer-

Swept spectrum analyzers- Swept spectrum analyzers are also known as superheterodyne analyzers. The name is given because the swept spectrum analyzer works on the principle of the superheterodyne principle. This type of spectrum analyzer is widely used in the communication world.

FFT analyzers or Fast Fourier Transform- These spectrum analyzers use a form of Fourier transform known as a Fast Fourier Transform, FFT. It is a digital type of spectrum analyzer. It converts the signals into a digital format for analysis purposes. These are more expensive analyzers and work more efficiently.

Real-time analyzers- This is a type of FFT analyzer as it is used as a test instrument. These spectrum analyzers need more expert and efficient technology to handle it. This is one of the reasons the performance of the real-time analyzer is high and best as compare to other ones.

Audio spectrum analyzer- The audio spectrum analyzers work for different RF range from low to high-frequency signals. It is a cost-effective option used widely in various places.

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