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To all the beautiful and awesome people, please do not forget to vote and comment

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To all the beautiful and awesome people, please do not forget to vote and comment. That is the only thing that motivates me to continue. I hope you all will help me through this journey and will give all the love I need.


Dead trees stretched through miles—not a single leaf could be seen. The thick branches were curating the sunlight from entering letting darkness surround everything. Not a single bird or animal could be seen neither was there any sign of water except for the beasts that lived there.

This was the forest of dead, a place that was cursed with evil and darkness centuries ago. The once lively kingdom of Lycans was now surrounded by death and chaos. The once white walls of the castle that glowed under the sunlight were now black as coal. The handcrafted windows were shattered into pieces and replaced by black wooden planks.

In front of the castle was the only clear ground, where the sky could be seen. Trees chopped in a large circle giving the shape of an arena. The ground bled red from all the blood that was spilled here. Every day, people died here, their bodies shredded into dozens of pieces. Every day, cheers echoed as body after body fell on the ground.

Tonight was no different. The beasts in the form of humans were gathered in the circle. Countless snowflakes swirled around by the freezing wind releasing a spine chilling coldness. Those people could easily freeze—if only they were human. They were big, with muscles bulging out. They wore animal skin which barely covered their body. They were beast that looked like humans. The thirst for blood was evident in their eyes.

In the center of the arena stood a petite girl who was no older than sixteen. In front of her stood a man thrice her size. He had his hand covering his eye hiding the deep gash. Blood seeped through his fingers and dripped on the thick layer of snow which was covering the ground. Loud cheers surrounded the two as they continued to assess each other.

Fight! if she had to live.

Kill! if she had to survive.

Kill or get killed! 

That was the only way this fight could end. This was what she had been taught her whole life. It was either life or death whenever she stood in this circle. Her life or her death.

Elena looked at the feet of the man where the scarlet blood that faded into the snow. A shuddered went down her spine with the mare thought that this blood could be hers. She was still on her guard. She could die within the next few minutes if she lost her focus and death was something she wasn't looking forward too. Her stance was rigid yet flexible for her next move.

"That was one lucky hit," Baltazar spit out some blood but Elena didn't give a response. She had no reason to respond because it was only going to waste her time.

She had to end this soon. Even if she survived the fight, she would end up dying in the cold. She was not like the others. She could actually feel the bone-chilling weather unlike those around her.

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